having moved from south east Texas to central Michigan i got to experience a my first true winter  .everyone here takes the snow fall for granted but to me its still just amazing and absolutely beautiful .it also became the inspiration for my tenth instructable.  i wanted to make a snow ball mold. me being me  .i couldn't just settle for a simple round snow ball 

the day after my wife and i made it to Michigan we went to the Henry Ford Museum (i recommend going if you have the chance) where i got a plastic injection molded Abraham Lincoln head from a souvenir which i put in the window ledge and pretty much didn't pay any more attention too .until one night while getting into bed  i had a flash  .why not make a snow ball maker that would make the snow balls shaped like Abraham Lincoln's head   

sadly i wasn't able to finish the mold in time to make a snow ball with it  .however there is a slight chance of a late snow  .if the stars aline i will add photos

Step 1: Materials

warning: polycaprolactone has not been proven to be food safe  .but its also not been proven to be food unsafe

-polycaprolactone   (polymorph, shapelock, etc)    
-lincoln's head         (a small bust will do)
-heat source            (i use a small blow torch, boiling or water at 160 degrees is recommended)
-needle nose pliers
well.... il soon send u a youtube video of how gem stones are make by the help of silicone sealant <br>u can use ur model for same thing :) <br>
why dont you try a silicon sealant for your mold?
i didnt have any to use .and i'm not sure if i would have a problem getting the mold to separate with a silicon sealant
nice this will be a nice and awesome home decoration because u have a head mold of lincoln how much awsomer can it get i and thanks somebullcrap and keep up the great work <br>

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