I posted a pic of this, but this is the step-by-step. Il make it veeery easy to follow so anyone can make it. This is based on conner's assassin tomahawk in assassin's creed 3

Step 1: The Axe Head

The bladed section of the weapon

You will need:

1 flexible purple
6 Green
2 blue
2 white

3 green
2 red
1 white
2 yellow
<p>you guys should build my assassins creed cane sword</p>
This is nothing like the real one
Not even close to Connor's tomahawk...........good attempt though.
it was only based on the original &quot;Assassin tomohawk&quot;, its actually more towards my own design for an assassin from the 1930s in dustbowl america
Then why does it say AC3 tomahawk?............
Doesn't look very sturdy...
the handle is rather sturdy, the head is pretty flimsy tho.. if one were to (and im not saying to try this) switch the head for a segment from a razor disk, them you're talking

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