Picture of acrylic jewelry
This 'instructable' is for creating jewelry using plexi/acrylic.
It includes:
. a list of materials and supplies
. a brief explanation on how to easily and quickly use Adobe Illustrator to create fun shapes. (you will need to be somewhat familiar with Illustrator)

. you will need a laser cutting machine

Step 1: What you need

. adobe illustrator
. access to a laser cutting machine
. sheets of plexi (size depends on the laser machine)
. pliers
. thin wire (this is to make ring connections)
. your choice of chains, hooks, leather strings etc..
. permanent sharpie felt tip (optional)
. small mesh bags (optional)

-- you usually can find materials at any crafts supplies store in the jewelry making section

Hvents42 months ago

Wow! This jewelry is so cool, the options are just endless here with these designs. Absolutely love it. But how did you get a laser cutter machine? Is this the same as a 3D printer, like these http://www.monomachines.com/shop/office-supplies/3... or is this completely different. These printers seem so cool to make little jewelry pieces though.

Thanks for the awesome instructable. I've got to try this!

ritasaad (author)  Hvents42 months ago
Hey! I'm glad you enjoyed it, I don't have a laser machine. You should be a able to find a laser cutting/engraving service around you (usually places that offer printing services would have one). It's not the same as a 3D printer.
Hvents4 ritasaad2 months ago

ohh ok, big difference! Thanks for clarifying that. A service would be super helpful. Thanks again!

Divadoll2 years ago
Omg! How did you learn how to use a laser cutter machine.
akrenvalk3 years ago
Try to use tool below http://www.illustrator.repairtoolbox.com it open/read/scan/recover illustrator files
dimovi5 years ago
Not everyone has a laser cutter, but you can find great services online to help you out.www.cutyourway.com is a great site that gives free samples up to 1"x3"
Just send your design and they make it and mail it to you in about a week.
They have lots of cool materials like pearly acrylic and exotic woods like ebony and cocobolo.
Also, if you don't have illustrator, try www.inkscape.org
it's free and easy to use. There are tons of tutorials online to help you get started!
Ladytiger5 years ago
You might be able to do these in wood with a scroll saw.   You could also try the oven friendly polymer clays
ChrysN5 years ago
Those are really great designs
Kaiven5 years ago
I think the ear ring is the coolest one. I just need to get a laser cutter now haha