Add Leds to a Nes Controller





Introduction: Add Leds to a Nes Controller

Easilly add Leds to your nes controller

Step 1: The Bulk of It

adding leds to a Nes controller is quite simple all you need is some wire, leds, sauder, and some epoxy or another strong adhesive.

after opening the nes controller (sorry for the bad photo) you will find five wires coming from the plug to the board the one you want to focus on are the white and brown wires. the next step is simple run wire from the white and brown wires to the front of the controller. drill holes and mount the Leds to the controller and sauder the wires you ran to the front to the leds and voila.

plug the controller in and turn on your NES



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    Quick question, I've found out that the white cable is positive (5v), then the brown one got to be negative?

    Worst camera ever!

    If I had a NES controller, or a NES for that matter, I would take apart the controller, put leds in the a and b buttons, and put batteries below them so they light up when pressed down.

    There's no need for batteries, as there's already a 5V source in the PAD...

    i should try this and put in a usb port for charging stuff and add it to my group

    Besides sauder, you need a saudering iron. . .

    It's Solder, not Sauder... :)

    Missed the pun ?

    i dont want to make this into an english lesson but what you said (Besides sauder, you need a saudering iron) isn't a pun in no way, shape or form. Look up the word pun

    is there any other word for what he did?