This instructable shows you how to install a wireless connector to your eeepc, suitable for antennas and such.

So let's say you have an eeepc 900a (or other book of the "net" variety). It's got an okay wireless card, but not much else going for it - all it's good for is surfing the net. You'd like to use (insert wireless resource here) and yet (distance-related limitations, restraining orders, etc). So, you do what any sane man would do - Claim that you are Napoleon Bonaparte, and use an external antenna!

This netbook has no wireless connector built in. So your options are:
a) buy an external usb wireless adapter with a connector on it - circa 50 bucks
b) buy a $5 connector, and mod your netbook at the risk of breaking it.

The correct option of course is b).  ... well.... Unfortunately most USB wireless dongles don't work well under linux (some do but it seems kind of tricky - I've read that sometimes even the same version of the same model has a different chipset, so purchasing the right one can be a pain in the neck). Conversely - although it may take fiddling under some distributions - the eeepc internal wireless happens to work perfectly under the latest version of eeebuntu (which is like... ubuntu.. for eeepc...)

Things you will need:
    - A soldering iron
    - Your wits
    - Solder
    - A reverse SMA MALE connector (thread on the outside, with a pin in the centre)
    - Knowledge of the principles of static electricity  (Antistatic wrist strap, if one thou hast)
    - Your wits
    - A screwdriver (one flat, and one tiny philips head, for tiny screws)
    - Electric drill and drillbits
    - A retractable blade thingy. For sharpening your wits. And, just in case.
    - An almost legendary disregard for the sacred bond between warrantee and warranteur.

Step 1: Disassemble Your Netbook

TigerOnEeePc already has a great youtube tutorial on how to disassemble the main body of your netbook and removing the motherboard. PLEASE WATCH all parts of the tutorial or you'll probably break something - there are little release tabs in the keyboard and other things you need to look out for.  (I could have included my own instructions but... he did such a great job that there's no point.)

the difference here, DON'T remove the wireless card or memory cards from the motherboard, just unplug the antennas (seen in the second photo). everything else, keyboard, motherboard, you can remove and put somewhere safe. I suggest you place the motherboard underneath the cat while you rub it frantically with a balloon - uh - on second thought, leave it on your desk.

(disclaimer: Any stickers that you remove or break might end up voiding whatever it is the sticker says it will void if you remove or break it. If you don't know how to handle sensitive components, etc! Vis a vis! Consequently! Ergo! etcetera!)

Next I will explain disassembling the screen, which is necessary to get at the antenna.

<p>Nice, I like your attitude. PM'd</p>
Whoa! that's one hefty looking antenna!
yes... although the computer itself is less than a handspan tall. you should have seen the yagi<br><br>you'll be glad to know that i since broke the connector by dropping my netbook - twice - and in the end reversed everything i did, wadding some putty into the resulting hole. its what three years old, not too bad i'm still using it as we speak<br><br>And that concludes the advanture of my netbook, huzzah!
I didn't realise i had to post this again. Curses!

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