In this instructable I will share with you a project of my own that isn't very complicated and is very cool. Basically I installed rows of LED's and hooked them up so they light up every time I open my closet doors and let me see all my clothes properly (very useful if someone is sleeping in the room and you want to see what your getting out the closet without waking them up).

Step 1: What You'll Need

I wrote this instructable after I finished the project so i tried to show as much as i could. for this project you will need:

sharp knife
wire cutter
wire stripper (optional)
solder iron + solder (optional)

small screws (at least 3 for every shelf)
LED rows (one row as wide as your shelf for each shelf i got my LEDs already stringed together with resistors and covered in silicon but you can do it yourself if you want) aka "LED rope" (example - i used less rope)
tubing (about 3 inches per shelf. I used a regular watering hose from my garden tools)
zip-locks (as many as the screws)
2 line wire (I needed about 18 feet of wire for my closet but you may need more or less, try and pre-measure it after reading the whole thing)
door switch (1 for every set of doors)
regular switch (i added one in case i want to turn the whole closet off)
electric tape (optional but recommended)
Awesome project but where is the automatic part, did i miss that bit?
The switch is position in such a way that the light automatically turn on and off when you open and close the closet door. Much like the automatic light on your fridge.
<p>How to make such switch? I do not want to buy it, can I assamble it using different simple parts like transistor , button etc.?</p>
<p>I dont know how to make a door switch. it would be much simpler to buy one for like a dollar </p>
awesome project! how long did this take you to build?
cant remember. i guess about 1.5-2 hours
Closets do tend to lack light, don't they? Awesome solution!

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