Add Beat Lamps to Your Portable Speakers or Pc Speaker...





Introduction: Add Beat Lamps to Your Portable Speakers or Pc Speaker...

have you ever wanted your some what small portable audio speakers or pc speakers to look like the same as if you were at the club??? well in this instructable il show you how to get your speaks wid the the site and sound of the club...

Step 1: What You Will Need...

you need...
2X 12v LEDs (or more if you like(any color))(if you like you music really loud you will need to put in some resistors or higher voltage led's)
2X led holders (only needed if you are mounting them to the speaker housing(requires drilling if you go this way))
1X spool of wire (any color(its not complicated so you only need one))
I recommend heat shrinking the connections
oh ya and a set of speakers

tools you will need...
soldering gun and solder
drill and bit (if your mounting them in the speaker housing)
screw driver (to take your speakers apart)

Step 2: Open Up Your Speak's

step one open up your speak's...

most portable and PC speakers have screws in the back to hold the two plastic peaces together... remove these screws. some times they will have screws hiding under the stickers and battery cover... also they may have glued the edges together (thats what happened with my portable set)

Step 3: Mounting and Solder Your Leds In

1.A-if you are mounting the LEDs in the housing (plastic out side) of the speakers this is when you drill the hole(s) for were you what your lights... (do this first before soldering)

1.B-if your not mounting them inside the housing(plastic out side) you can run the wire to the top of your speaker and glue the led to the top...

2.take your 12v LEDs and solder wire extensions to them, the length of the wire will depend on were you are putting you LEDs...

you should heat shrink the connections from led to wire, remember one heat shrink tube per wire connection, if you don't you WILL short out your speakers... use your soldering iron to shrink the tubing but don't touch it with the iron.

3. solder your newly extended wires and LEDs right to the largest speaker's terminals(dose not matter on polarity)

be sure to check the schematic below (it aint hard to read)

Step 4: Reassemble

now rechecks all of your connections, if there good then you can go a head and close it up and re install the screws in your new speak's...


its time to fire up you new speak's... for the best results pick a song with the most bass and play it...

remember if you like you music really loud you will need to put in some resistors or higher voltage LED's, so if your lights look like there going full power then turn it down before you burn out you LED's

hope you like my 1st instructable... plz comment on how I did, and if you have questions



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    for say a portable radio would it be possible to attach different collour LEDs to the speakers and to the BASE so you get two seperate led rythms...

    you could have one (or 2) led for the main speaker and one for the tweeter and the lights will light whenever the tweeter has enough power to power both the teeter and led... but if its a one speaker radio then no you cant easily do that.... how portable is portable??? is it like a small battery one or is it bigger??? cuz if it is a small battery one you may want to get a lower voltage led unless you plan on really putting out some sound then the 12v leds will do good... with my set i can crank it all the way and not have them blow (as seen on video) and I'm running 2 12v red leds (color don't matter)

    i have a 60 watt base i think ill do this when i get the money

    careful i havent tested equipment like that.... your going to want a bigger light for and some resistors... i don't know how to wire that up but i think that's what youl need... good luck... P.S. not to scare you or any thing but remember I'm not responsible for damaged equipment or any thing like that...

    yea know I was not planing on taping any wires at all you know the wires will make em fildes

    say what???

    i see kinda... but that's way over my head to help with... well i don't know the speaker's voice coils and wires can be touchy, in my mom's car we had some place put a new radio in and now every time you turn the left turn signal on the radio statics to the flash... but again I'm not a pro, i jest found some thing that works in a small scale. but i have some electrical and lots of mechanical experience...

    well im going in to electrical engineering so i should be good thanks though

    ya I'm more of an auto repair person my self.... i wish i could be more help but i have no clue how with out tapping into those wires... well actually you could make a smaller battery (or other low voltage) powered amp put a mic. on it and remove the speaker and install an led in its place... it may work, but its just an idea... my electrical skills vary by what I'm doing, here's a scale of 1-10 of them, speakers 7, mic.'s 3, relays 8.5, basic skills 9.5, intermediate 5.5, expert skills like 4, led's 9, resistors and capacitors 2.5.......