Introduction: Adding a Spark Plug to My Forge

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This is my forge before and after adding the spark plug. I have always wanted to have a push button start. Warning ,don't let gas buid up. NO FUEL AIR BOMBS ..please. Also the silly little push button start off a barbque can give you an incredible jolt !! Be careful.

Step 1: Drill and Tap

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I drilled a pilot hole and then the correct hole for the tap for the spark plug.Check out the video for my new favorite tap handle.

Step 2: Resistance Is Futile

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I had a weak spark because the resistance plug has a huge gap inside that is too much for the piezoelectric button starter.... So I  hit it with a hammer...exposing the copper core to attach the lead to.

Step 3: Adjust the Air Fuel by Regulating Pressure and Nozzle Position.

Picture of Adjust the Air Fuel by Regulating Pressure and Nozzle Position.

This is a 1/4 " pipe with the end welded shut , ground to a taper and drilled with a small ,# 70 or so drill bit.

Step 4:

Step 5: Ignition


jawtig (author)2015-04-03

I like your spark start. I would like to know if you used plaster of paris and sand to line your forge or if you used another material? I'm in the process of building a forge and I don't want any bad break downs as I use it. Thanks for your input.

drewgrey (author)jawtig2015-06-04

We used refractory cloth and coating from Seattle pottery supply. It is more expensive than other stuff but it is designed to bounce the heat right at the work...less propane, more heat.

tinker234 (author)2012-03-03

wow i was looking into making a forge but i wasnt sure if i could use a push button i guess i can thanks

drewgrey (author)tinker2342012-03-06

It works great with the same precautions as lighting a barbque. Have fun making yours.

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