How to Make a Cheap Airsoft Pistol (aerosol Powered)





Introduction: How to Make a Cheap Airsoft Pistol (aerosol Powered)

glue stick(or any small cylindrical container with a cap)
electronic lighter(spark lighter)
thumb tacks(with plastic head)
small barrel(pen/mechanical pencil barrel or any similar tube)
aerosol spray(any flammable spray eg.body spray)
electrical tape
any cheap play gun that can be split in half and the inside dug out(with a trigger)
bb pellets(or any other small object you want to use)

dremel(not totally necessary, saw and flat head screwdriver if not)
glue gun(can possibly  use an epoxy glue or any thick fast-drying glue)
screw driver

the gas chamber:
-remove the inside mechanism and bottom screw of the glue stick, so that it is only a hollow tube.
-open up the lighter and remove the sparker
-use the thumb tacks to make two holes in the glue stick 3/4 way down closest to the cap end(just before the cap)
-take the two wires from the sparker and place one in each hole. push one thumb tack in each whole simultaneously.
- make sure that the tacks are close enough to make a spark but do not make them touch. the longer the spark the more powerful the gun will be. the tacks do not need to be pushed all the way down.

-take the pen or mechanical pencil and remove all components  only keeping the barrel. heat a small piece of wire and push it straight through one end of the pen tube so that there is a bar across the diameter preventing the bb pellet from falling into the chamber. (if there is a taper  there  is no need for the wire.)
-take the electrical tape and wrap it around one end of the barrel until it is slightly smaller than the diameter of the open end of the chamber. if your glue stick has a small hole simply make the whole the same size as the barrel without the tape and use the glue gun to secure it.
-push the end of the barrel with the tape into the open end of the glue stick(make sure it is snug)
-secure it with the more electrical tape

-strip the gun
-either using a dremel/saw or any other means hollow out a space in the gun for the mechanism.
-also depending on the structure of the gun cut off a chunk of the top back of the gun.(to allow you to refill the chamber and to make room for the thumb tacks. if the gun you are using is a water gun, it should already have a space a the back.
-remove the thumb tacks and wires from the chamber for now, take the sparker trigger and wrap it in tape to make it thicker.
-use the glue gun to position the mechanism in the gun.(make sure that you are able to remove and replace the cap at the back and the thumb tacks are exposed. also that the barrel is not obstructed by anything at the front.
-use glue and small objects to position the sparker trigger so that when you pull the gun trigger, it sparks.
-replace the thumb tacks and the wires.
-put the other half of the gun back on and line the seams with electrical tape. try not to use glue to stick the two sides together so that you have easy access to the mechanism for repairs etc.

-remove the cap and air out(eg. blowing air in it) the chamber.
-take the spray and spray a touch directly into the chamber.
-replace the cap and put a bb pellet in the barrel.
-pull the trigger and bam!

it does take a while to get used to how much fuel you are supposed to put so at the beginning the success rate may be at about 50% but once you get used to how much to use then the success rate rises to about 90%
you can use a container with foil taped to the front. you can draw a bullseye on the foil.

warning: when it has the perfect amount of fuel, it is very powerful so make sure to use it safely.

hope you guys enjoy this instructable and feel free to ask questions.
if you liked it please vote! =)



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    not 100% sure but i am pretty sure that it would work for anything with a similar mechanism. so yes try it and please tell me how it turns out :)

    cool can u make a rifle like that because I want to do that to my pump master 177 caliber