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The office is a great place to prank your coworkers. Interrupt the white noise of typing keyboards and the hum of the photocopier with a blaring klaxon hidden under someone's office chair.
This is the air horn office chair prank!

Pneumatic pistons under the seat of most office chairs compresses when weight is applied, an air horn is zip-tied to one side of the piston with the other end braced against something solid. I used a cheap ABS plumbing cap fitted around the piston. When the target sits in the chair the nozzle of the air horn is triggered, releasing a loud honk (and hopefully scaring anyone nearby)

Here's what I used to make mine: The air horn was wrapped in black electrical tape to it would be less visible when installed. Depending on your chair style and air horn size you may have to add in a small shelf on the piston so the bottom of the air horn needs something to compress against. I chose an in expensive ABS plumbing plug, the crown of the plug was removed and a pie-shaped section was removed. This opening will allow the plug to be slipped over the piston, with the pie section replaced and zip-tied in place the air horn will now compress on the cap and activate.

The air horn nozzle is positioned touching the underside of the seat, folded scrap cardboard acts as a spacer between the air horn and the piston. Ensuring the nozzle and air horn body aren't obstructed by chair frame they can be zip-tied in place. With ABS plug zip-tied to piston and air horn positioned all zip-ties are tightened and the leads cut off.

Did you prank someone with your version of this project? Share your pictures or video of your air horn office chair prank in the comments below!

Have fun!


jaxboy (author)2013-03-15

I hate to be a wet blanket, but if I were your supervisor, there would be hell to pay. With the employment situation like it is, this sort of waste of time and disruption of work would make it much easier to complete the lay-off list. Your job must not be very important to you. A year or two out looking for a job with no luck will probably make you less inclined to treat employment like play-time.

zogsvengali (author)jaxboy2015-07-24

Which is why should work for someone like me instead. This is office gold!

I_am_a_Turtle (author)2014-04-01

I did this to my mom!!!!

pbmissions (author)2013-12-24

Great..nice prank.

Icecreamismine (author)2013-08-05

Thats is crazy and cool

chiavarichair (author)2013-05-05

It is so cool!

ojsefg (author)2013-03-22

Thinkpad is pretty much a wet blanket.

Mindmapper1 (author)2013-03-22

I agree with thinkpad30 and of course you would look and feel pretty bad if you caused a heart attack! This is a student prank not something you could get away with in an office situation.

nwlaurie (author)2013-03-15

'Keep It Simple' wins again!!

bajablue (author)2013-03-12

lol... You office people are brutal!  I hate loud noises.  I would seriously contemplate killing inflicting great bodily harm on someone for doing this to me.  I would definitely exact revenge! ;-D

Treknology (author)bajablue2013-03-14

As an initial prank, I agree with you 100%. As payback on that one person who makes the entire office a misery (or a serial prankster), I think it's brilliant. Just make sure there is an ample supply of spatulas for scraping fellow staff members from the ceiling.

mikeasaurus (author)bajablue2013-03-12

My pranks have been known to extend beyond the confines of the office... Lookout anyone who's given me your mailing address!

Flying Ace (author)2013-03-14

This is the type of "payback" prank I was looking for.
Thanks, at least I can blame it on you >;^)

egwillfriedel (author)2013-03-14

whats so awesome is that its so simply yet ingenious.

loki_thor2001 (author)2013-03-14

Moving out of state and my last day of work is coming very soon...I smell sweet, sweet victory in the near future! (maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh!)

askjerry (author)2013-03-14

That is PURE EVIL... I love it! :-)

adamw ROX OUT LOUD (author)2013-03-14


M.C. Langer (author)2013-03-11

Tomorrow I will check my chair before sitting...

Good one!

mikeasaurus (author)M.C. Langer2013-03-12

Please prank Randy with this. He's too suspicious of me.

M.C. Langer (author)mikeasaurus2013-03-12

Thanks! Now he will be too suspicious of me, too.

SHIFT! (author)2013-03-11

And you said a flaming whoopee cushion was too brutal....

Love this idea :)

mikeasaurus (author)SHIFT!2013-03-12

It's not April 1, yet - your time might come soon...

depotdevoid (author)2013-03-12

Classic . . . and evil.

mikeasaurus (author)depotdevoid2013-03-12

I know you work in an office..prank your cubicle neighbour. DO IT!

angelabchua (author)2013-03-11

EVIL!!! cant wait to try this!

ray74 (author)2013-03-11

Amazing! Going to be laughing for a while about this one. :D

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