Introduction: Air Powered Tripwire Paint Mine 3 (clamps)

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I used 1/2" aluminum for mine, but 1"x1/2" wood will work just as well if you cut it in half. just dont cut in half for the bottom rear clamp!

Step 1: Top Fornt and Top Rear Clamps

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Take a 3 1/2" long piece of the 1"x1/2" wood and split it in half so you have 2, 3"x1/2"x1/2" blocks. On one side of both blocks cut out a half circle piece in the center so that you can clamp it around the PC (not on a cap!!) with room for a screw on both sides. You will be mounting the trigger to the front mount in a later step. This is top front and top rear clamps.

Step 2: Bottom Front Clamp

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Take a 4" chunk of the 1x1/2" wood and split in half like in previouse step to get 2, 4"x1/2"x1/2" blocks. you only need one. ON ONE OF THEM, cut out a half circle on each side to clamp around the PC and AC with room in the middle to run a screw through. You will also be putting a safety pin at an angle near the clamp screw and another short screw for a spring hookin a later step. This is bottom front.

Step 3: Bottom Rear Clamp

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Take a block 4"long of the 1"x1/2" wood and repeat step 2 but DO NOT CUT IN HALF and leave room to mount the tent steak through and don't drill the safety pin and spring hook on this one. This is bottom rear.

Step 4:

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Put the clamps on. The bottom one will go all the way against the bottom coupler and the top one will be an inch or so below the hole you drilled in the side of the PC the mount the AC.


burke.harris (author)2017-01-20

How did you cut the gradual arches into the aluminum?

tobster9103 (author)burke.harris2017-01-21

If the pressure cylinder is tight to the paint chamber, you can tape them together and use plywood instead of aluminum for the clamps

tobster9103 (author)burke.harris2017-01-21

I used the pipe as a guide to mark the cut on the aluminum then used a band saw and belt sander. You could use files to cut it it'll just take a while.

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