Picture of air-soft smith &wesson KWC field strip
To begin with, this is my first indestructible so comments are welcomed.The KWC is a great beginners gun. It is spring powered ,witch means you have to cock it for each shot.Let's start off with the hand-guard.
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Step 1: Hand guard

Picture of hand guard
First ,before you need a small screw driver to get a pin out that is located near the bottom of the handle.Then, slide the hand-guard off of the handle.

Step 2: Slide Removal

Picture of Slide Removal
To remove the slide, turn your gun to the side opposite of the safety. You will see a little nob or button then with your screwdriver push out the safety.The easy part is removing the slide to reveal the springs and the barrel (To make mine work better I sprayed rem-oil on the springs).

Step 3: Closing notes

Picture of Closing notes
This gun is similar to the Crosman stinger p311,a cheap springer good for snipers as a secondary.It's what I use when I snipe.