Picture of air zooka medium.
Build a homemade version of an air zooka capable of blowing out a candle out from 15+ feet. This design can be easily adapted to larger pails.

Step 1: Gather Materials & Tools

Picture of Gather Materials & Tools
Materials Needed
1 Pail, used here is a Folgers Coffee container (if you've got the cover it may make the last step easier)
2 keychain rings
20" string
a rubberband or two
piece of wire (paperclip)
2 plastic caps
plastic bag
duct tape

Siesta5 years ago
Try using a 3 liter bottle of soda with the bottom cut off, and a heavy duty freezer bag. Works great!
I used a 12 litre bucket and it all in all cost £1.50. I tried shooting smoke rings and they were 10cm in diametre. I made an instructable for it. plz vote!
currie4 years ago
I like the canon but it would be nice to know how far it shoots and how accurat it is. I will try to make one with that info. Becuase i made one like it and it shoots far but is not accurat. thanks
bnevarez4 years ago
i dont get dis part
sharlston6 years ago
mo5 sharlston5 years ago
OMG! 0 meters, I wish i had one
sharlston mo55 years ago
i mean i put a smoke machine in this and t blew smoke rings ten meter away
ahahaha rofl
anyone got a 55 gallon drum laying around?
 Try Craigslist.
This is AWESOME!! Thanks for the great, clear instructions. I made three with my two boys, we are having great fun blowing out each others candles, war games style!! Any Aussies reading this, you can pick up used ice cream tubs from Dairy Bell for AU50cents!! The cheapest craft project ever! Cheers Joe Bees P.S I made the hole big enough to put my hand through and found if you tape on plastic with Elastic/rubber band attatched first, then stitch through the string, you can get a really nice strong tension rubber band and it makes the plastic easier to position.
Godsteam16 years ago
Would you think that a "Dubble Bubble" gum container would work?
kinda flimsy but you could try it
Hiyadudez6 years ago
armindilo8 years ago
Very nice! Wish I had a folgers can kickin around!
JoeBees (author)  armindilo8 years ago
Do it with any sturdy container. My larger one built out of a electric meter cover is way better, I only built this one because I figured people are more likely to have a folgers container than a spare meter cover.
T.E.A. JoeBees7 years ago
you can do it with a 5 gallon container
trooperrick7 years ago
Good idea, this is my version I never got around to publishing or making a video.

How to make a homemade Airzooka
milkmood8 years ago
Geez...this is the cheapest entertainment since burning wood (and ants) with a magnifying glass when I was 12. Fun stuff.
Aar000n3y7 years ago
It would be a lot easier to attach the chute at the back and put the rubberbands in an 'x' formation, and pull back on that.
wolfmanthe7 years ago
i've always wanted to try one of these, but didn't want to shell out twenty bucks. thanks dude. you just made the world a better place
dragolad8 years ago
good idea but i just about lost my temper and trashed the whole thing. did you attatch the rubber bands together?
JoeBees (author)  dragolad8 years ago
sorry to hear that. The rubber bands just wrap around the string and through the keychain ring.
xucaen8 years ago
A YouTube video demonstrating the finished product would be nice.
joeny19808 years ago
I just made this. Exactly as described - folders and all. I've always wanted one of the commercial ones but frankly i'm not impressed with mine. It works I guess - i cant imagine i'll be messing up anyone's hair with it. I blew out a candle from a few feet away and than i filled the thing with the smoke from the candle - that was cool i guess because you can see the trail of air. Here is a sick idea, and it is totally not my type of thing - i'm not a gross guy, but someone will appreciate it: how about farting into it.. and sending your stink bomb across the room to an unsuspecting victim. ha.
JoeBees (author)  joeny19808 years ago
You'll be a lot more satisfied with a bigger pail and designed to max out your rubberbands. I've tried sending smells, not nessicarily a fart (but it has crossed my mind) by the time the vortex gets to the victim it's not very potent.
noahh8 years ago
Cool. I like the design. I have done this before with a quarter of a mailing tube and a baloon.
royalestel8 years ago
I think you ought to break step 4 out into a couple more pictures for clarity. I'm totally making this, though.
LasVegas8 years ago
Not the first of it's type, but an interesting revision of the diaphragm mechanism. Good job!

Previous Instructables for comparison:
The Cool Air-Zooka - Oct 29, 2006
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JoeBees (author)  LasVegas8 years ago
I was aware of both of these but I figured mine was worth sharing since you need a much bigger 'drum' to push as much air as this design.