Picture of airborne led flashlight
I have wanted to make a LED flashlight out of an airborne tube for sometime now, just never got around to doing it. Then I saw the flashlight contest at 10  pm central time and thought what the hell, lets give this a try. This is really a first draft just to see how good of a case the tube makes. LOTS OF ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT HERE!!!

1 airborne tube or similar tablet tube 
3 led's
1 4 volt battery from used notebook cell
1 resistor 
1 small toggle button (on/off)

You will also need a soldering iron, and small screw driver set.. 

Step 1: Prepare the tube

Picture of prepare the tube
photo 2.JPG
Remove twisty pieces from cap.

Use the a small Phillips head screw driver to poke holes for you led's in top of cap. A total of 6 holes.

Poke another hole in the rear of the tube for you button.