Introduction: Airconditioner

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mini airconditioner

Step 1: Thermacol Box 2 Nos

Picture of Thermacol Box 2 Nos

one box has a 12 volt dc fan attached to it. second box has copper tubes.

Step 2: Second Copper Coils

Picture of Second Copper Coils

one end of copper coil takes air from outside the box and other end of the coil ends in box with fan

Step 3: Fan and Coil

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copper coil ends and fan, fan creats suction in the box when box is closed.

Step 4: Coilbox

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put freezing mixture in it and close the lid. copper tubes take air from outside the box and drop in box with fan.

Step 5: Freezing Mixture

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a mixture of salt and ice.


jam1701 (author)2015-04-17

I like the idea but your directions are kinda vague....

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