1) pliers

2) 2pcs. dill bits ( 1 smaller than the cal. and the other the same as cal.)

3) vice or vicegrip

4) drill

Step 1:

clamp the pliers with a vice grip

Step 2:

make a punch on the desired location.

Step 3:

drill the pliers using the small drill bit.

Step 4:

make sure that you do not drill through. once in a while open the pliers to see your progress.

Step 5:

again clamp the drilled pliers.

Step 6:

drill the opening with the big drill bit with a depth of 1mm or more.

Step 7:

This is genius!
<p>thank you </p>
<p>tip for those who will use this mold. </p><p>do not pour molten lead into mold.</p><p>it is better to dip the mold into molten lead.</p>
thank you for the great idea <br>but I don't have enough lead to dop the mold into it<br>I'm using this to recycle used pellets that I find <br>when l pour the lead into the mold I always pour too much how can I get rid of the extra parts?
<p>much cheaper then buying the one from England!, And you can got to tagsales and buy a bunch of dollar store crap pliers for quarter a pop!</p>
<p>They did something like this during the revolutionary war to make round shot in people's homes since America had no real military equipment at the time.</p>
<p>they did it in the field as well, armies were mobile and made the stuff they needed when and where ever possible. Or they stole from the natives. Cuts down on supply line issues.</p>
<p>Guns that could shoot 50 calibre miniballs were very real military equipment at the time. Both sides had them and if ya got hit by one it would tear ya up good.</p>
<p>Most of the firearms of that time were .50 Caliber not just the military ones. In fact there was no distinction between military rifle and non military rifles. </p>
<p>actually they were very common on both sides and where ever muskets are sold!</p>
<p>3/8 inch works for .177 caliber pellets, nice work on keeping it simple! I will have to make a pair and try it with aluminum for testing. cheers!</p>
Great idea saved me money and I can shoot as much as I want greater job and thank you for sharing
<p>this will produce a solid pellet, I would need to adapt it to make a hollow skirt</p>
good idear
Hella sick bro! Now I don't need to pay 5 grand a bullet. Thumbs up
<p>Very good idea, the only suggestion I have would be to put a piece of making tape at the depth you want to drill so it sticks out both sides like a butterfly wing. When it touches the pliers you are at full depth.</p>
I like it but am kinda confused. Please make them a little more detailed.
<p>Me too.</p>
<p>I really like how you held the pliers together to drill. great idea</p>