in this instructible, i will show you how to make an airsoft ammo holder out of a pen tube and a pill bottle.

Step 1: Materials

1)9/32" drill bit
1)bic pen&pen cap
1)pill bottle
I usually use pill bottles just to carry airsoft bb's around with me in a war. I have a huge old motrin prescription bottle that holds ~1000 bb's, which I use to fill my hi-cap mags between engagements.<br><br>Good 'ible, however I would suggest drilling the hole on a farther side and having the magazine(or just the bottle) at an angle s the bb's can feed into it easier.
lol, the last pic looks like the spray paint thingy, only it sprays BB's!!!<br />
it's semi auto, it doesn't technically spray BBs<br>until you blow into the hole...
lol, *voice turns into some weird epic narrator voice* until you blow into.... THE HOLE!!!!! I can see this as your latest project both from personal interrogatives and your psychological profile (which I know little about (psychology)).

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