Step 2: Create the Blanket Back Stop

this step is the hardest because i can not help you. your back stop will be differant from mine cause you didnt not build it in my storage room (possible great place to build one if you have one long and narrow mines 30 feet long theirs about 10 feet behind the back stop you cant see in most photos )

this is hard to exsplane so look at the pictures if you get confused
1now you want to have the blanket run from the top of celling down but not to the ground
2 you what to have the blank cover the sides.
3have the end of the blanket bank up
4it the part that slops up has to be kinda forward to so that it catches the ones that fall
The Stinger P9 is not a "cheep spring powered pistole". It is the first gun I got and is radical.
lol nice try. it's good for pistols, but anything above 300 fps will go through not only the paper, but the cloth as well.
Really? That seems a little ridiculous. What type of cloth are you using?
well, im assuming if it tears through my shirts at matches so easily, then it would tear through hanging cloth even easier.
That is astonishing. I have several guns above 350fps with .24g and they have never damaged clothing at all! I actually kinda want to have a skirmish with you now, just to see this first hand.
it may have been 380 or higher. im a little sketchy on the details. too many people too many guns haha
would this work for reusable foam paintballs?
The video is down. Please fix that. Much appreciated.
video should be back up forsome reason there a glitch in this instructable idk if you can see all the stuff above the video.
the vids dont work!grrrrrrr
BTY if your looking to make a smoke bomb for your airsoft wars i have one posted
Will it hold up to 720fps?
i dont think so. only thing i have that goes that fast is my bb gun which i dont shoot in my storage room
Just a little hint to people posting the fps. Fps means nothing without the weight of the ammo your using. Example. 350 fps with .2g bb's Without the weight we don't even know if your shooting .12g bbs which are bottom of the line or .8g bbs which your not aloud to use in games. Also remember the weight of the bb has alot to do with accuracy and how much it hurts. 300fps with .2 will hurt alot more then 300fps with .12.
cool, but dont got the room to do that :-( anyway im firing my 5 day old JG S-System See Here:http://airsoft-gun-review.info/airsoft-gun-news/airsoft-jg-s-system/ its a great gun at 420fps (with .20 gram) <em>im damn sure it goes faster tho</em> so in my closet (goda big 1) i have a 2nd TALL dresser that i put a fat blanket surrounding a space, a target in the middle and in front rolled up blanket so the bbs dont roll out. anyway nice instructable<br/>
i made a much smaller improved version i havent got around to posting pictures it uses a beach towel and two box 's
does anyone here have the gas chrome deagle or the KWA M93R i cant think of which one to get. please reply soon if you do and tell me if there good?
ask on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/forum/T7LUGRRF54HJ2EG/">here</a> its a form i set up for similar Q/A <br/>try typing it into Amazon or other online store and read the comments and reviews thats how i chose my gun (which i love and have no problems with) <br/><br/>i have almost no expirence with airsoft. <br/>only gun i have is a crosman stinger p9 (link on the form page) i just started airsoftting this summer. <br/>
thanks i have a shotgun 320 fps a stingerp30 275 fps and the spring mk23 suposively about 320 fps. but it is not! i am using perfect roound .20 bbs in the mk23 which is recomended in the manual. but for some reason it broke! how does that happen when im doing what it sais in the manual!? it worked when i got it but it didn't shoot great. now it shoots 15 feet and isn't acurate (with the silencer which is suposed to make it accurate) from five feet! it goes straight down when it leaves the barrel! i spent $30.00 for that gun. the only good thing is it has two magizines and a full metal silencer. never buy that gun! but i might order the KWA M93R today online :).
what gun you got? I was watching a video on youtube, and the dude had a classic army m16 and it was just rippin the crap outta a tin can
mines a cheep <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.amazon.com/Crosman-Stinger-P9-airsoft-gun/dp/B000MAZIX2">crosman stinger p9</a> i have pics <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/forum/T7LUGRRF54HJ2EG/?comments=all#CS4FTR2F54HODSU">here</a> its my first gun and i got it for 24 bucks it came with a holster and 500 bbs. i plan to get a <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.amazon.com/Crosman-Pulse-R72-Soft-black/dp/B000R73DOQ/ref=pd_lpo_k2_dp_k2a_1_img/104-2211742-8881528">pulse r72</a> its a cheepish aeg, semi/full auto adjustable hop-up 400 round mag and its 74 bucks (at dicks sporting goods)<br/>
p.s my gun goes about 275 fps i tried to shoot some tin cans my gun leaves crazy dents at 20 feet same thing at 10 and 5 but at point blank it goes through 1 side. my gun is a cheep spring powered gun. classic army guns are extremely high quality aegs (automatic electric gun) they have an average price tag of $400+ not a beginners gun. 1 or 2 classic army snipers can shoot 700+ fps (owch the pain)
Ok I got Tanfogolio, got it for $15 at sale It's decent, good speed for that cheap of a gun Also got pt92, got it used for $5 then there's uber-crapo p90 aeg- not even, it's got plastic gearbox, gravity feed mag and only 400rpm.
We used to use a heavy canvas tarp at the archery range, did the same thing.
if ur back stops having problems i should be able to help, just ask!

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