so this is a airsoft tank. Ive built three, and the best design was based off the german tank, Hetzer. Now SAFETY only use cheap guns that use 250fps and below over that the bullet will go through cardboard. so now does it work, YES IT WORKS AMAZINGLY, having two tanks shoot at each other is pretty cool. when your tank gets hit, there is a VERY loud noise, of the bullet hitting the cardboard, then you got the moments where it penetrates and hits you, it doesnt hurt(remember wear a mask). when i was battling, when you got hit the battle was over. I had one every time in my hetzer. the hetzers armour is angled which means its thicker armour.

Step 1: Tips and Building

its fun to build, and fun to fight.NOW read this, use .12 gram bc it makes it really fun because you always miss at close range. now materials, the barrel is a christmas rapper tube, the armour is cardboard, to connect it all, use zipties and when your tank is penetrated, use duct tape to tape the hole shut.

MOVEMENT: for trollys and wheels, fight on concrete not grass. now for picking it up and running with it to another spot is all terrain.

SIGHT: use a tough, clear plastic. Make sure the bullets bounce off it. Ive had situations where my eye was right next to the plastic and a bullet hit it, Trust me its scary so where glasses or a mask. i wore glasses and that worked fine.

its dark in the tank so have a flash light strung above.

Getting in and out: get those clip things and make a hatch on the side dont break the card bourd just crease it, and cut it down the center.

Step 2: BATTLE

carry ammo and have fun!!!!!!
<p>Your design is a bit rough, but I love this. The jagdpanzer is ridiculously underrated.</p>

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