Airsoft Darts





Introduction: Airsoft Darts

darts at high fps out of an airsoft gun= BIG FUN

Step 1: Step Uno

note cards
bic pen
airsoft gun (co2) works best

Step 2: Make the Darts

part one make a cone
part two insert needle with tape
part three trim cone to fit by inserting it into the pen because it is conveniently the same size
part 4 cut the cone to fit

Step 3: Proceed With Caution

put the safe on remove the mag make sure their is no absolut way it will fire then insert the dart,cone first then take something to push the dart farther into the barrel

Step 4: Fire

remove the safe aim and fire CONGRATULATIONS u just shot a dart at high velocity



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    Hey awesome idea i tried it with a regular spring powered gun and it worked great hahah

    I would like to shoot it at like a target. But why is the air soft dart made of paper?

    because paper is one of the hardest materials. you could drive a tank over a bridge made of paper.

    "One of the hardest material" you have no idea what you are talking about. it is true that with many layers, and fancy folding you can have some pretty tough stuff, but it cant even compare to materials like steel, and titanium. paper works fine for this purpose, but we wont be seeing any paper bridges any time soon

    the Mythbusters just proved you wrong with their paper armor.

    yah mythbusters is like totally awesome

    paper is wood sooooooooooooooooo i think you could

    Wow your stupid!  He was just kidding.  I really hope you are to!

    Now how do you know that zimmemic25 is joking?

    that makes no sense maybe if it was really thick, but this guy only used some folded notecards