Picture of airsoft eqipment and airsoft pics
grenades 1.png
airsoft dust bombs1.jpg
cool airsoft.jpg
i just got a bunch of airsoft pics and bow! this came into my head.
Bowen20021 year ago
Hey ths is osum maynn
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matstermind6 years ago
you need a p-90
nah he needs a M2000
Like me :P I gots an echo 1 p90 / e90 for christmas :D
luckey thats my second favorite gun (first favorite being ak-47)
lucky, the p-90 and the sm-6 are my favorite
Hitman2274 years ago
Nice 'ible. But silenced uzi's?
Those are MAC10/11s, cant tell which
well, it is hard to tell the difference.
How many people play in your airsoft game`s?
hey man u know the air soft gun that u ont know wat it is i have it its a m-41 i got my a few weeks ago but now u know! :D
its an M-80.
airsoftmaster191 (author)  lordofbling17 years ago
its a carbine! im telling you! used by the us army
That airsoft Carbine looks like a CAR-15.
what kind of carbine? Carbine just means "short version."b
its an M41, i have the M41K2, but it has that picture under the M41
ITS A G36C. Please learn your guns and Ive never heard of an m-41.
its a g36c!
i thourght it was a G36C
i have a jg (echo 1) g36c with a nade launcher light telescopic sight and red/green dot sight, a torch a laser and a grip its cool and i am in love with it
i have an echo 1 fullsize ak74 with 4x32 scope i also have the smaller ak74u with a banana mag and red dot. i use a 2200mah 9.6v battery wich increases the rate of fire. the big one shoots 400 and the little one shoots 380(chroned it)
sorry i forgot silencer also ye pointless post
jmanjman6 years ago
The one you had no idea is an m82 smg (i know cause i have the airsoft version).
Molybdenum6 years ago
Do we have the names of all the guns in the "what else would you spend money on?" pic? lemme take a shot left to right top row: ? ,SKS, styre TMP, mp 7 or 5 (hard to tell) middle row: 2 M249s ,3 M4 variants, 2 AKMs, m16 with c-mag, UMP? bottom row: M4, M700, M4, P99? and Mp7, Ak-47(or 74, I wouldn't know), generic assault shotgun, FN FAL( maybe a G3)G39, AKM How many did I get Right?
Knex Guru6 years ago
The fourth picture is a H&K G36c carbine, with what looks like a cheap RDS and a mock suppressor.
The fourth picture is a G3.

This is a rather pointless slideshow, but I'll add some spam.
Trip mine.
Ghillie Suit
Close, but its a G36.
Thanks! I knew I was missing a number!
No big deal. By the way, I loved both your instructables!
airsoftmaster191 (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll7 years ago
you better not! if you do im telling the boss of this website! how can you do that anyways?
airsoftmaster191 (author) 7 years ago
dude. its a carbine. i reconize it from futer wepons AND my frend got the airsoft version.