Step 1:

get two neuro brand caps from the drink neuro sleep, sonic, trim, bliss

Step 2:

take a hand full of bbs

Step 3:

take a piece of paper and fold like this

Step 4:

take a rubber band (thick)

Step 5:

fill one cap with the hand full of bbs

Step 6:

cover the cap with bbs with the folded piece of paper

Step 7:

put the cap full of nothing on top of the paper symmetrical with the other one aligned /\ /\ |__________=___________|

Step 8:

put a rubber band vertically and your done :) plus no need to wait till easter to get eggs!
oh and before you use it take out the paper
you throw it at something hard like a tree or wall
How does this work?

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Bio: hello there i'm DotaCraftMC and i like to make airsoft traps but I will make other stuff
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