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Learn how to be the best airsofter on the block. Please vote and leave helpful comments!

Look at the next few pics at the bottom to see my AK-47 walmart shotgun mod =P it's so cool.
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Step 1: Get your suit

Picture of Get your suit
gather your materials and guns

What you should take to the battle ground:

a main gun
a secondary or backup gun like a pistol
camo, snow camo, or regular street clothes
2 or more magazines for each gun
a paintball mask or regular saftey goggles
500 or more BBs (depending on the game length and how many people are playing)
a backpack or something to hold your gear in.

If you are a sniper, take the stuff that I have listed below

what i take:

ghillie suit
sniper rifle
paintball mask
extra magazines

Step 2: Find a spot

Picture of find a spot
Find a nice spot in the woods to lie down in or get into your fort. The best place to be is behind something to prevent getting hit. I prefer the fort because it is way up there and you are covered by the walls and ceiling. And there is still a window to shoot from.

If you are in a place where there are either no forest nor open space, use plywood to make walls skids or pallets work too.

To make the walls just simply lean the plywood against something and drill a hole in it big enough to see and shoot from.

Step 3: Take cover

Picture of take cover
Cover yourself if you get into trouble and then shoot when you get the chance. Like I said before the best spot to be is up high. But if you are low, stay low and run away shooting. Try to run around things to block you, and run in zig-zag lines to make it hard for the other person to hit you.
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habs1924 days ago
There is so much wrong here it makes me cringe, don't give advice if you don't know about it yourself.
PandaboyP3 months ago

im a sniper with 400 fps with a 4 * 15 scope

sniper_king4 months ago
#1 TIP dont buy at walmart and if you do. Dont excpect it to last
geniuskid92 years ago
what about assault rifles? all you have is shotties snipers and pistols, WE NEED ASAULT RIFLES!
AustralLord6 years ago
Rye2121 (author)  AustralLord6 years ago
uhh yeah, just read the yellow box around it :p
fail. hahaha
nerfer1926 years ago
best game evar
A-freakin'-men, brotha!
lol, i have to agree
SO4Jesus2 years ago
We dig trenches and put sniper emplacements in them (amongst other things).
SO4Jesus3 years ago
First picture is a dragonov, not an AK.
thing 23 years ago
Does your stock actually work?
just asking why does the terrorist have flares on his shoulder?
i agree with the tree house idea but what happens if u get swarmed, run out of ammo and start raiding your fort?
with only one window, someone could just aim on that window and you couldnt move
Cptme3 years ago
see it people like you who make airsoft fun , when im sniper i sit about 50 feet from a fort and shoot the noobs off the ladder trying to get in :D its very fun
AustralLord6 years ago
200 fps is wimpy, my spring pistols are about 300fps, spring shotguns 320-350 fps, but you got snipers right.
no your spingers arnt that power full sorry but no
nope, they may well be - my pistol is 314 FPS and my shotgun could reach 400FPS with 0.12g bb's
i also have a spring DMR that fires at around 350 FPS, so i would check your info tbh :)
here to help

Only if you buy from Wal-Mart
buddy i have a spring rifle tha shoots 500 fps its got a upgraded spring but it shoots 500 fps and all aegs use springs you just have a motor that pulls them back
and yes ive chronoed my rifle
No you don"t not unless its a sniper. A springer might shot that out of the box but 30 shots later the spring is compressed and it might do 150fps. I've seen it again and again from people who ask me tho fix there guns for them. The spring are cheap and once they break-in they stay at about 150 fps. Before you ask i chrono the guns for the local players and use a "Shooting Chrony Beta Master" and a "Shooting F-1 Chronograph" I know the to be accurate to 3 fps with my hand loads for my 30-30 making the largest margin of error. To anyone looking to play get a aeg or a gbb pistol cheaper you can repair them yourself and there just better sorry didn't mean to burst anybody's bubble.
comepletely agree, though there are still bolt actions like im guessing maneter112 is talking about

yes they are sorry but yes. i've got a springer pistol that goes 307 CHRONOED and my friend has a spring sniper with no upgrades that goes 468 (also chronoed). don't be hatin on the springers.
i have two pistols a P-36 and a P-1311 and they both go 325 fps
i got 310 on mine but its a sniper
i've just got the Crosman P312 pistol, and I've had it chrono'd at 290-310 fps. So yes, springers ARE that powerful.
I agree with you. My pistol is 315 fps and my shotgun is 355. When we play tho we have pretty much just shoot each other with no winners. So the rule is no above 400 fps guns.
im also sorry to inform you that if you bought that shotgun from wal-mart it and it is smith and westley that it is not 355 fps take a close look at what they say the pistols fps is on the package and then look at the pistol... that pistol is not over 100 fps so i can guarantee that they are lying about the shotgun to
Wesson. not westley.
my M4 or M16 (cant figure out which) has around 300fps my pistol probably 290+ and my shotgun 355
yeah i have the same (almost the same) shotgun the guy shows in the pictures. the only thing different is that mine has a scope, lazer dot, and a flashlight :P   its around 355 FPS and it hurts, even at 20 yards or so.
Have you ever played President???
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