Step 1: Get your suit

Picture of Get your suit
gather your materials and guns

What you should take to the battle ground:

a main gun
a secondary or backup gun like a pistol
camo, snow camo, or regular street clothes
2 or more magazines for each gun
a paintball mask or regular saftey goggles
500 or more BBs (depending on the game length and how many people are playing)
a backpack or something to hold your gear in.

If you are a sniper, take the stuff that I have listed below

what i take:

ghillie suit
sniper rifle
paintball mask
extra magazines

Anonbonbon5 years ago
.....you sure street cloths will protect you? I've never played airsoft, but once got hit by a semi automatic by my brother, and was only wearing a thin shirt, and it stung like hell for 15 minutes. Now I shy away from airsoft, but a friend is having an airsoft war at his house for his birthday in a few months, would a sweat-jacket soften the blow enough to where it would only hurt for a few moments? Don't want that night to be filled with TOO much pain, XD
i use 5000 rounds in one day,i suggest if you have an automatic  to bring more ammo
vandal11385 years ago
All that camo goes to waste because of those shiny white hands. Hit an ARMY navy store and pick up some camo sticks. They make a world of difference.
What gun is in that pic? It's frickin cool!
An Villain6 years ago
Rye2121 (author)  An Villain6 years ago
thats what extra mags are. =P
i know that.
If you are sniping it would be good to bring a water bottle sometimes wars can last hours and snipers are almost always the last man standing and are on the run at that point.
forgot one thing you should stock up on grenades for backup while reloading for safety
erudite6 years ago
pretty cool dude
AustralLord7 years ago
where do you get a ghillie suit?
try army disposals and army surplus stores or as Rye2121 says make your own, just get a green or camo shirt and pants and sew fake leaves and netting onto them.
i've got a camoflauge army jacket from a naval base. They're new, but they just came out with a new version, so they gave them away.
Rye2121 (author)  AustralLord7 years ago
u can buy them at cabelas or make one urself using this website.
i have a M14 and instead of a ghillie suit, i put on bug spray and black or green(olive) or gray camo or reddish tannish clothes if playing in pinestraw.
AustralLord7 years ago
you're a pretty big airsofter, my friends and I play more simply