Step 2: Find a spot

Picture of find a spot
Find a nice spot in the woods to lie down in or get into your fort. The best place to be is behind something to prevent getting hit. I prefer the fort because it is way up there and you are covered by the walls and ceiling. And there is still a window to shoot from.

If you are in a place where there are either no forest nor open space, use plywood to make walls skids or pallets work too.

To make the walls just simply lean the plywood against something and drill a hole in it big enough to see and shoot from.
SO4Jesus2 years ago
We dig trenches and put sniper emplacements in them (amongst other things).
i agree with the tree house idea but what happens if u get swarmed, run out of ammo and start raiding your fort?
with only one window, someone could just aim on that window and you couldnt move
Cptme4 years ago
see it people like you who make airsoft fun , when im sniper i sit about 50 feet from a fort and shoot the noobs off the ladder trying to get in :D its very fun
I agree with warpig137 im a airsoft/paintball compition sniper and am join the army as a sniper
WarPig1376 years ago
If you are a sniper, I might advise against forts and obvious spots.
AustralLord7 years ago