Step 5: What FPS you will need

Picture of what FPS you will need
the FPS (feet per second) is one of the most important things in airsoft. The FPS is how far your bbs will go every second.
runners: use pistols with around 200 fps
guards: use shotguns with aroud 250-310 fps
snipers: use rifles with 400+ fps

saxman315 years ago
i think you may be misinterpreting fps. yes it means feet per second but it only plays a small role in range, and thats what you truly want range.i am a juggernaut and i use a Thompson with 460 fps and a range of a bought 70 yards. believe me im an experienced player.

i think range depends on fps hugely, are you saying that with more speed the bullet isn't necessarily going to go further?

PandaboyP8 months ago

im a sniper with 400 fps with a 4 * 15 scope

geniuskid92 years ago
what about assault rifles? all you have is shotties snipers and pistols, WE NEED ASAULT RIFLES!
AustralLord7 years ago
200 fps is wimpy, my spring pistols are about 300fps, spring shotguns 320-350 fps, but you got snipers right.
I agree with you. My pistol is 315 fps and my shotgun is 355. When we play tho we have pretty much just shoot each other with no winners. So the rule is no above 400 fps guns.
im also sorry to inform you that if you bought that shotgun from wal-mart it and it is smith and westley that it is not 355 fps take a close look at what they say the pistols fps is on the package and then look at the pistol... that pistol is not over 100 fps so i can guarantee that they are lying about the shotgun to
my M4 or M16 (cant figure out which) has around 300fps my pistol probably 290+ and my shotgun 355
WarPig1375 years ago
If I was a "runner," I'd consider an smg, or a light assault rifle. Something that could provide a lot of covering fire quickly, yet wouldn't weigh too much.
Mattonater5 years ago
no runners us gas blowback pistols 300+fps gaurds use hi quality aegs 350-400 fps snipers use 450+fps fps is not how how far it goes its how fast they get to the target
KNEXFRANTIC5 years ago
mine sniper riffle 375 and i can get a ludicruslly high range from it
Nathanf145 years ago
 Guys don't believe what the fps on a website or at a store says. Jg and Crosman over exaggerate their fps. Also Fps is a really small concept in airsoft. The most important thing in airsoft are build quality and gearbox quality. 

My guns are an Echo 1 P90 (320 fps) and a gas Ksc M11a1 (300 fps)
my guns: pistol: crossman co2 $40 walmart 400fps secondary pistol: cant remember spring $20 walmart 300fps shotgun: cant remember but i got it off airsplat $80 375fps (3 shots at once) rifle: cant remember, off airsplat again, $100 m16 350fps I had a rifle that shot 450 fps (ak47), but during a rough game (me and my friends get crazy) i jumped into a creek for cover, hit a log, triped, bent the metal around, and the actual barrel, and somehow hit the trigger and messed up the internals...
poptart4326 years ago
im getting a kwa m16 it rof is 20 rounds a second and its fps is 430-450 and its full auto or semi auto and im using by dads 300 dollor scope and for xmas im getting a madbull lancher and a shell or two
arbbitar6 years ago
your supposed to keep them as close together on the target as possible.
my sig sauer p228 has only 190 fps. :( so close!
i think that my guns is shooting around 430 fps, but i haven't "chronoed" it in a few months. also, if you are really wanting to snipe, i would recomend getting a tightbore barrel, and a hop up bucking. they should dramatically increase your range, and accuracy
my pistol is 315 fps my shotgun is 400 fps and my automatic is around 300 fps
funguy294676 years ago
o ya ... well my mini uzi gets ... well ... like ... 4 fps cuz it is broke so i going to get a new gun ... nec=ver trust an uzi
AustralLord7 years ago
it hurts a lot though
kevin711277 years ago
i haz customly made m4 thats chroned at 400+ fps, and 16 bps. :)