title explanins it

Step 1: Stuff

you need

====> a bic pen

====> an airsoft gun

====> airsoft bbs

Step 2: =)

take the ink well out and keep the end thing

Step 3: Done

fill with bbs and put end cap on

holds 13 bbs just enough for my new gun

Step 4: Optional

thanks to shooby he gave the idea of a beltclip make it out of the pen cap just look at thi picture
i have the same ammo container!
why not just get a speed loader.it holds 100 bbs or more. and despenses them at about 5 per click and is cheap<br>
this is pretty useless, im sorry to say.
I don't get the last pic.
belt clip
why not open the end a bit so when you click the pen 1 bb drops out?
THAT IS A GREAT IDEA I could make like a click type bb dispencer
if you do do it please give me a mention please
Oh yes i will
thanks and ive rated 5 stars and favourite ps please message me when you make the new 1
When I play, I usually just dump a handfull of bbs in my pocket an hope they don't spill out!
altoid can.
That works too but ruins your cover the bbs shaking around in the can
Aha, youd think that, but wouldnt mints shake around in the can too?
they do rattle if you pack them in tightly they havent got any room to rattle
maybe put a pice of tissue over it
Oooh. Smart =P<br/>
Some pens have a little clip on them like that, Mostly the click pens.
yeah but i only thought of a belt clip until after i cut the clip off so yeah
get a potato chip clip(mini) and glue or tape it.
ok thats an idea for a belt clip thanks
This is a great idea. If I was still into airsoft I'd definitely do this, only I'd glue a few together in a row, and maybe add a belt clip. Nice job.
great idea a quickly removable belt clip ps i dont even play airsoft i shoot rabbits
im gunna add it to the instructable

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