Airsoft Pyro Egg Landmine





Introduction: Airsoft Pyro Egg Landmine

this is a landmine that utilizes an eggshell. i have not done very extinsive testing on this, but i think it will work well, so im gonna post an instructable on it. have fun and comment on the results! built to be used with my remote or pressure detonator.

Step 1: Prep the Eggshell

this step seems easy, but requires alot. first take some thick wire and tape it to the side of the bottom (big) part. next break the shell in two. next drill a hole in the bottom of the big part of the eggshell.

Step 2: Insert Firecracker

the next step is to insert the firecracker in the hole. if the hole is to big, wrap tape around the top part until it fits very snugly. be sure the fire cracker is right in the middle of the shell.

Step 3: Add the Bb's

next fill the big part of the egg until it is about up to the firecracker. (this will vary depending on the size of the egg) i would sugjest about 100 bb's

Step 4: Attach the Top and Fire

now take the top that has been detached and put it back on. next tape it on two sides.
now when you go to use it, just plant it in the ground and rip of the top and rig it up to youre detonator!



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    daheeeelll nice

    about two m80s would do the job, it is illegal in florida, but i guess you could still do it if you are illegal like me :)

    just as a suggestion, you want the bb's to hurt right?  well if u do then put more than just 1 firecracker. especially if u bury it. that 1 firecracker will open the  top of the cap but the BB's might just stay under the cap. maybe, u should make one like a ladmine/shotgun cap style mine. that way the bb's will effectivly spread with minimal force requiered. also, put like 2-4 black cats in there. that should be enough force. hope i helped,

    -spreading professionalness throughout the internet on gaming

    in the uk, we have fireworks which are called mines, (but they fire sparks, not anything good) attach a bag full of BB pellets around all sides, and you will have one serious pyro. dev.

    thanks but i have tried using multiple firecrackers with not much better effects than just a single. if you want more power i would suggest going to a more powerfull firecracker such as an m5000 or something (m80 is illegal in my state) or make your own.

    Note: the plastic egg shell will not allow any airsoft ammo to go outside. It will only crack.

    DAMN i always want to live in Texas when i read about fireworks and airguns D:<

    i live in australia and i want to do a lot of stuff like this but they use fire crackers does any1 no whether u can get them around the gold coast and if so where abouts??? any help would be appreeaciated. thanks

    You could put alot of stuff in there instead of BBs.

    Pretty good... especially the airsoft idea... lol I would have probably used regular bb's... Mabye, you could get some small paintballs and use those.