Airsoft Rocket Launcher





Introduction: Airsoft Rocket Launcher

this is a guide on how to build an airsoft rocket launcher

DISCLAIMER: this is just a guide for how to make an airsoft rocket launcher, i am not responsible for any harm to yourself or others. if you do not follow directions fully, it might result in injury.

ps. i am sorry that i have no photos, as i have no camera, however, i will have 3d renderings.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

for this instructable, you will need the following tools:

-power drill
-5/8 in drill bit
-pvc glue

and materials:

~7 feet of 2" inner diameter pvc pipe (schedule 40)
-two 2" couplings
-two 2" to 1" reducers (threaded)
-one 2" pvc end cap
-two 1" diameter 1" nipple
-one 1" pvc ball valve
-one .625 in tubeless tire inflator nozzles

Step 2: Cut, Measure, and Glue

with your hacksaw, cut a 2 1/2' and a 1 1/2 peice of 2" pvc.
with the pipe glue, attach the pvc fittings in the following order: coupling, reducer, nipple, ball valve, nipple, reducer, coupling. this will create the firing/holding mechanism. now, take your drill and 5/8" drill bit, and drill a hole in the middle of the end cap. now, take the tire nozzle and push it in the hole as much as possible. now, with the hammer, gently hit the end of the nozzle until it is set in place. the nozzle should be set in place, but for reassurance use the pliers. when done, the 2 1/2' length of tube is the barrel, and the 1 1/2' length is the air chamber.

Step 3: Loading and Firing

to load, drop any 2" projectile into the barrel, and turn the ball valve into the closed position, and attach a bike pump/air compressor to the tire nozzle. pump until the chamber reaches 80 psi, and turn the valve very quickly to fire. 

Step 4: You're Good to Go!



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    This is not spam, but a warning. PVC will fail suddenly after a while. This was band member that hurt badly by a T-Shirt launcher explosion.

    See the pictures and never use PVC to hold air, Please.

    Well, that's airsoft. Paintball nut shot, now that hurts like HECK!!!

    good basic air cannon design. only problem is that the entire thing puts weight on the valve fitting. id strengthen it up, or make all the fitting the same size. for better performance, use a sprinkler valve. nice custom handles BTW.

    2 replies

    thanks, i know that it puts a huge load on the ball valve, but at the time, i was on a budget, and it hasn't failed me yet! also the handles are pieces of wood jigsawed and held on with jb weld.

    strenghten one side with 2 steel rods, u can also make these mountble for ammo ( one tha side with out the ball valve handle)

    step one build this step two go to local airsoft field step three be politely asked to remove this "rocket launcher" from the field. step four be asked to leave and never come back for being a moron that is all

    1 reply

    hey, be nice to the guy. he built an awesome gun, and it looks really good, aside from some basic design flaws, its great. and maybe he wast planning on taking it to an official field, maybe just at home? i have something like this, and i use it at home. but this would be kinda not a good idea to take to a field.

    you have the pvc sizes going from a big air chamber to a small valve to a big barrel, its better to keep them all the same size cuz the valve reduces air flow

    2 replies

    a 2" diameter ball valve alone is 12 dollars, and takes a lot of force to turn quickly

    well i think its worth the money. i made one of these last year and it works awesome and its not that hard to turn the valve

    This is a cool idea, but I need a little more information on loading and firing the thing. Is it just push in a wadding and pour in ammo on top of it?

    1 reply

    for loading, you shove a wad, load ammo, and put in another wad, or you could use a cardboard sabot, or breakaway shell