Picture of airsoft sniping
An airsoft sniper is not just someone in the woods with an airsoft gun. There are alot of factors. You need:

an airsoft gun(obviously)
mask or goggles
some type of camo-ghille suit or hunting clothes
some old army jackets or camoflauge material
a sidearm -mini automatic or spring powered pistol
a backpack
water & food (only if you are playing an all night match)
and a partner(optional, depending on your own preferences)

please note-some images on this instructable are from airsoft sniper.com-check it out if you have any other questions

Step 1: The camo

Picture of the camo
this is probly the hardest part(and most expensive)of this instructable. A ghille suit costs around $150, and I, personally, don't have that kind of money to spend. you need to think colors, if you buy one or make your own. If the area has that yellowish grass and some green grass, make yours the same colors. I would take a picture of the field and use it to match the colors with your bought, or homemade ghille suit. you can make a homemade ghille suit by taking a bunch of old, torn up camo jackets, cut them into little shreds and sew(or even hot glue) them onto a newer jacket. I would even make places for natural vegitation, like sewing a few short dark green threads (maybe an inch long)across the back, and the arm. then take twigs or leaves and stick them into these stitches. Don't forget to do this to the pants and even your gun-unless its a pistol. take the leg of a camoflauge pair of pants and wrap it around the rifle. cut holes for the clip, grip, and scope-if you have one. then do the same thing to it as you did to the ghille suit. building a ghille suit takes a few weeks to accomplish, so plan ahead. Don't assume this is going to happen overnight. also make sure that none of the stitches are loose because you don't want them to start falling off in the field.
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Pinnyboy5 months ago
runamazondry10 months ago

Great info.

Mark these are the ones we were talking about


Those are all the rifles around the $70-$150 range.. great for sniping

Bowen20021 year ago
Hey tup maynn ths is osum
ERCBIENG5 years ago
www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001BR9Z4I = BEST AIR-SOFT SNIPER RIFLE
wc123 ERCBIENG5 years ago
ERCBIENG wc1235 years ago
 its way to big and clumsy..it's hard to run and find a suitable position with that kind of size.. it would be good if you could air soft snipe someone from super far away though.. not so good for most field and forest battles thou
wc123 ERCBIENG5 years ago
hmm yea how bout this semi-auto sniper variant of the m14
ERCBIENG wc1235 years ago
 that would be great for long distance.  my friend has this gun and he usually hip fires it.  It hurts when you get hit by that monster
ilpug ERCBIENG3 years ago
jmeiring ilpug1 year ago
nah man, cheytac M200 intervention
Noone buy that!! It's terribly innaccurate!!!
An upgraded Ra-tech WE M14 EBR on the other hand is absolutely orgasmic.
seems a bit cheap to be the "best"
asghdf ERCBIENG3 years ago
you are so right
 for shoes use an old pair and just spray paint them surrounding colors

Or have shoes that match surrounding colors.
SO4Jesus3 years ago
I normally put my snipers in foxholes about quarter of a mile away from the main fort, with the enemy fort being little over a mile away.
ilpug3 years ago
Okay, time to add my opinions. 
  1. This is not really a very good Instructable. It has a little bit of info, but is hard to read due to the fact that it is basically large blocks of text. 
  2. Snipers shoot from far away. Sneaking up on people is more of a commando tactic. Sniper rifles are intended to shoot things from long distance, so that makes them virtually useless at close range. Instead of going towards your target, go away from it!
  3. I agree with the GO SLOW part, although you really need to know when it is a good idea. If you are close enough to people so they can shoot you back, then going slow is a good tactic. If you are far away, but being rushed, forget about stealth, just keep in cover and try to take out as many targets as you can before they reach you.
  4. A note on camo. It seems that most people think that you need a gillie suit to be a sniper. Not true. I personally would hate to be cooped up in a movement-limiting hot-as-hell green gorilla suit. Keep in mind that (as i said before) snipers shoot from FAR AWAY, so unless you are in a place with virtually no cover, you should be able to be avoid being seen. Practice staying in cover while you move, and keeping as low a profile as possible. When I snipe, I wear a basic camo BDU jacket and bluejeans. I'm almost never seen. 
  5. Notes on accuracy. practice practice practice. Usually bad accuracy is the fault of the shooter, not the gun. if possible, go prone. In Airsoft, a bigger scope does not usually make you more accurate. You really only need iron sights most of the time. Keep your gun clean, and experiment with different weights of ammo to improve accuracy. The cheaper the ammo, the less accurate it is.
  6. a secondary weapon is very useful. In the case that someone sneaks up on you and you cant get to your secondary in time, please don't shoot them with the rifle at close range, have the good grace to surrender. I recommend a gas pistol.
  7. Get a good gun. Nothing really heavy, or really fancy is needed. just because an Airsoft gun is based of of some hugely badass sniper rifle from your favorite action movie doesn't mean it is the best gun for you. When in doubt, go with the basic Remington models, they are the most tried-and-true design, are lightweight, and very durable. If you need to upgrade your gun, try buying a tight bore barrel before you go get a whole new gun, they make miles of difference. 
  8. Shameless self-advertising: for one of the most powerful and accurate sniper rifles you can get, grab about $200 and your tools and build this gun i made. it is godly. 
  9. When working with a team, always know where people are. At long range, people look the same! If possible, and for greater realism, work with a spotter for backup, protection, and target location. Having a spotter will make you at least twice as effective.  
you cannot just wait for the wind to stop you can that would be best but depending on your position and the target's position. you should calculate the wind before firing, and compensate for it so the wind will push the pellet back to the target.
commando4176 years ago
Snipers want to be fairly far away don't they. I thought that snipers worked in teams of two and didn't have automatics. Snipers shoot from long ranges not up close and 20 feet is close.
that and you are not really supposed to use the snipers in close range because they cause a lot of pain up close. and yes the idea is a nice spot with a view of a large area in my opinion.
kjgdfak4 years ago
there is no such thing as a navy seal sniper the only snipers that went with the seal was the marine sniper because marines are mostly aquatic just like seal thats why they ride together
three golden rules of sniping

1: patience is a virtue.

2: never fire two shots from the same spot.

3: nature is your best friend and worst enemy.

Hitman2274 years ago
Is that a home made ghillie?
aweis4 years ago
don't forget the cardinal rule, never shoot more than two shots from a single area,
i bought my ghillie suit kit for about 30$
killer pyro4 years ago
why the fighting? who cares what he/she says its a tip! big deal.
look im an ex Navy Seal.I was my platoons sniper.(one of them.there was two)our mission would be to clear the way for everyone else from long range but we carried autos in case the enemy got close(along with a pistol)warpig 137 is right about being still but never sit right next to your partner.to easy of a target for enemy snipers.just putting my 2 cents in.good instructable
SHUT UP. You are not an ex navy seal sniper. you asked a question right here on instructables.com and said you were in sixth grade. stop fooling yourself and trying to be cool on the internet. get a life
hes an Internet navy seal. sort of like an Internet commando
hahahahaha. just for that im gonna follow you(and cuz you have great ideas)
WarPig1376 years ago
This would work if all had automatics, btw. If your sniping, a good tactic is to find a nice point with some concealment and a view of where the enemy will probably be. Sit, wait, watch, and DON'T MOVE
eh actually i take a few shots and move if i have the cover. you dont want to be predictable. the true effective(ness?) of a sniper is to keep the enemys heads down and at a stand still. additionally the psychological effect of guys randomly dropping with no idea of where the shooter is more devastating than the actual kills
There is an instructable here- http://www.instructables.com/id/Build-an-Airsoft-Trip-Mine/ that shows you how to make a good trip mine. i made a few of them and mine were reaaly powerful and worked good but it was hard to get it sensitive enough to trip when someone hit it. i mounted it on my mp5 and it worked real good as a shotgun though =)))
Hope this helps
Btw on my trip mines i used the springs out of old airsoft guns so they were pretty dang powerful.
if you move an inch in 5 seconds it would take you five hours to move a hundred yards(i think i did my math right)
jack penny5 years ago
i bought an 80 dollar airsoft/paintball ghillie suit online
Mine was a hunting ghilie for 60bucks!
posted at 4 in the morning
Either im' in a different time zone or my clock is really messed up! lol.
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