This will be an ible that I will update when I come accross more interesting stuff, and as I learn more about airsoft. Its for all the little stuff that doesn't warrent a whole instructable. Its also an attempt (perhaps a vain one) to add something new to the growing number of "airsoft for idiots" guides that all say essentially the same thing.
First tip:
Don't look conspicuous: it draws fire.
Don't draw fire. It irritates the players around you.
Don’t irritate the players around you: It makes you looks conspicuous.

Step 1: Profile: Playing Tight

Profile is how much of you there is for the enemy to shoot at. You want a small profile so that you are less likely to get hit.
Playing tight is staying as close to your cover as possible to minimize profile.
Try to:
Keep your elbows in.
Keep the muzzle of the gun behind the corner so you can snap back behind should the need arise.
Shoot lefty around the left of cover. Shoot righty around the right of cover.
Remember to keep your legs and butt in. Its easy to forget that these are not in cover.
Distinguish between cover and concealment:cover blocks incoming fire, concealment hides you but may not block bbs.
If you remember to do all this you will be less likely to be hit. In the pictures I highlighted what would be available to shoot at. The first one is bad form.

Quick tip: by placing the elbow of your trigger arm (that is, the one whose finger is on the trigger) on your rib cage and placing the stock on the outside of your shoulder, you geometrically guarantee that you have the smallest profile possible, so long as your muzzle is as close to the edge of cover as possible.

EDIT: Having had a few years more time to practice this, and having acquired a better camera, I will ideally be slowly rewriting this over the next few months.
<p>Very useful advice, I'm sure I will use it while playing</p>
<p>In my first trip to an actual airsoft field I was in a bunker. Just my luck that there was a guy with a high ROF setup and i got lit up lol</p>
<p><a href="http://www.bestairsoftgunhq.com" rel="nofollow">www.bestairsoftgunhq.com</a> is a pretty good site, it has some expert reviews of the best airsoft guns you can find.</p><p>cheers</p>
dont forget you want the shoulder pressure from the stock. in mil-sim paintball (might apply to airsoft) it reduces recoil and the gun will be more steady while looking down the iron sights or what every sight/scope is attached
airsoft guns have absolutely no recoil. thats why im not using the stock in the part about profile. Playing like a speed baller makes you lesslikely yo get hit. Airsoft guns also hold enough that its very practical just to walk your shots in. so stocks are only a matter of balance and preferance.
Airsoft guns have no recoil??? Really??? Then how do you explain Gas Blow Back guns???
Right, GBB's have obvious recoil. Also, AEG's have &quot;recoil&quot; in a way. They don't hurt your shoulder and blow backwards real hard like a shotgun, but they vibrate. It gets annoying.
A good AEG will not vibrate, and if it does, there is probably something wrong with it.
<p>Gas blow back guns in my opinion are incredibly stupid. Practical speaking, there is absolutely no reason to make the gun so complicated and inaccurate. Even blow backs, however, have such minimal recoil (less then low end paintball guns) that it is basically negligible. Their only real selling point is realism.<br /> &nbsp;</p>
also, stocks just make it a little easier for looking through scopes and sights, just press against your shoulder to stay steady
In the second pic that is such a good idea taping the pistol (preferably gluing though) to the gun is a way better idea than putting on a foregrip
That was a joke.
I agree with wunmanbands comment! It is really important to read and follow istructions! <a href="http://www.godfatherairsoft.com/" rel="nofollow">Airsoft Guns</a> are not just a simple toy! Remember that you're not holding a water gun like your little brothers toy... You will need a lot of safety precautions...<br><br>Pat
Yep, safety is paramount. You'll notice that everyone depicted in this instructable sports full coverage paintball masks.<br><br>Is that link just a shameless plug, or is it supposed to go to other pertinent information?
this is a pretty good Airsoft Ible'. has actually useful info. good job. keep the entries coming.
ok two things 1. the weights help you aimthey balance out pretty much the whole freaking gun and 2. who gives a flying rat's buttox if ur carrying an extra 1 pound? It's barely even noticeable.
Theres nothing forcing you to take the weights out of your gun. Plus nowadays you can get reasonably high quality metal bodied AEGs that have no weights in them for much lower price than when that section was originally written, so any guns that have weights in them now are so much on the low end of the market that the only ones who use them ( to some degree ) are the youngest ( and least strong ) of the airsoft demographic.
U CAN DODGE BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>I HAVE <br>SO HAHAHAHAHAHAHA<br>U WERE WRONG<br><br><br>={)
y dont u just get fiberoptics
I just made a similar post on my blog www.airsoftinfo.wordpress.com about how to avoid getting shot.
One time I was running to the right and my friend shot an automatic in front of me and I dove over the stream of fire and rolled under the next. I tried again but got shot, several times.
i dodged a rpg round comeing to my face in a airsoft war and it was no fun i can tell u that ( and dont ask yes we are sick we use rockets and explosives and some nasty chem stuff sometimes) oh and i go rambo on the battle field i one hand m4a1 the other hand g36c both with drum mags and extra batteries
like avoiding meudusa never would have thought of this for airsoft smart
once i was playing a game, and the other dude on my team got shot in the mouth by a sniper. he walked up to me and spit it by my boots. i guess he didn't read this instructable.
if gotin shot in the mouth it hurts
Good idea. I think you just might be made famous for your new combat trick.
f%ck yes i will
Thank you
good idea with the gear turning, but instead of sacrificing FPS and range to a weaker spring (although it will considerably raise ROF) you can get the Systema Silent Piston Head ($30 well spent), wich considerably reduces the slapping piston sound by molding better into the cylinder head
From what I have heard, the Systema silent piston head basically acts as an airbrake, and so does reduce FPS, is only slightly. I would either homebuild an airbrake with an appropriately sized screw, or put a whole bunch of mouse pad foam on the piston head. Also, many who are trying to build a silent setup would rather have lower FPS ( which can easily be compensated for with a good hopup system) than a loud gun.
I wouldn't have taken it out of the sniper. If it is high powered, it might now be hard to aim and to keep still.
Actually quite the opposite. My brother (who owns the gun) is younger and does not have the strength to whip the thing around. after the weights were removed he had a noticeably easier time running around and supporting the rifle.
A sniper rifle isnt really made to be "whipped around". Your not really describing legit airsoft here. Yarn is not a "ghillie" And Glow in the dark sights will only prevent you from seeing your target. Also, removing weights from your gun can result in stress fractures in the plastic. weights keep the gun stable and reduce vibration in the body. without them the gun cant take the stress of firing.
hmm... it is you thats not describing &quot;legit&quot; (how i hate that word) airsoft. As KGtheskater says, if you make the right pattern, yarn WILL in fact work GREAT. the phosphorescent sights work well if you do the tip of the front, and two dabs on either side of the peephole/ aperture in the back (assuming you use a rifle with sights simmilar to those on m4, m14, and posibly mp5). Most chinese companies put weights to make the gun feel strong, While decent ones MIGHT (they dont always put them on) use them for weight distribution. IF you truly play &quot;legit&quot; airsoft, you wouldnt have to worry about cracked plastic, because you wouldnt own plastic
Yarn in the right patterns and the right type could actually work to make a ghillie, i wrote an instructible on how to make one, no pictures yet but as long as you ruff it up and get the pattern right, then add natural twigs, its not professional but it would get the job done for an airsofter on a budget<br />
<strong>AGREED. </strong>I&nbsp;once took weight out of my shotgun&nbsp;and forgot to put it back in before we started the war. The gun broke.
Isn't it ironic how by trying to achieve being the best, he did just the opposite?
that's really smart i never thought of that.
Never put a cd in a microwave....NEVER!!!
we almost hav the same name
except i have an avatar and you don't
Dude. Isnt it awesome tho?
lulz Mythbusters.
i think that wiegts should stay in some more expensive guns, because if you exploratively dissasemble your expensive AEG you might not be able to reasemble it, in which case your bnd. if you have a cheap little pistol, taking the weight out wont really matter. also, if your little bro has to do any "whipping aroud" with a sniper, then he isnt very good. also, here is a good tip you should add. (you have my permission to add this to the ible) go inline, and see if you can find some rails that will easily fit your gun with little or no modding. i prefer using good scopes on my guns, but most good scopes dont fit airsoft guns because airsoft uses Weaver rails, which are mainly shotgun size. a standard rail system can open up a whole new world of tactical crap to mount on your weapon.
Expensive guns as a general rule dont have wieghts in them, so no need to worry.

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