Electronic Airsoft Tracer System for Under $5





Introduction: Electronic Airsoft Tracer System for Under $5

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many of you familiar with airsoft are aware that you can purchase glow in the dark ammunition for your airsoft guns and while these bbs do glow in the dark they only do so for a few seconds it is obvious that they are intended to be used as tracer rounds but when they only glow for about 30 seconds max that just wont do so i started thinking what if i super charged them and hence my adaptation of a tracer unit was made 

this instructable involves 
1. taking your gun semi-apart 
2. a good basic knowledge of electronics 


Step 1: Tools and Materials

the items you will need to complete this project are as follows

1x airsoft gun with hop-up 


1. soldering iron
3. drill
4. small ball vice
5. hot glue gun
6.wire strippers
7. small tweezers or equivalent
8.srewdriver set
9.3/16 drill bit
10.round file

1. wire 
2. 1x switch (either momentary or on/off your preference) 
3.1x high intensity ultra violet LED (available at radio shack) 
4. glow in the dark bbs
5. electrical tape
6.battery (as close to 3.7 volts as possible)


Step 2: Part 1 the Disassembly

allright you have made it this far you have gathered the necessary materials and tools so here we go

first you will need to gain access to your gun's hop-up this can be done by first removing the upper guard
this can be done by pressing the button found in the pictures below

Step 3: The Dissasembly Part 2

ok now that you have removed the gun's upper guard you should see the same as the pictures below what you now need to do is locate a small screw on the left side of the gun (barrel away from you) and remove it set that screw aside in a safe place

Step 4: The Dissasembly Part 3

now with the screw removed look back toward the stock of the gun where the button was that you pressed to remove the upper guard
in this step we will be removing that button
also for your connivence i have included a video

Step 5: Accessing the Hop-up Part 1

ok so this is where things get a bit tricky. turn your gun upside-down with trigger guard facing up facing up 
locate the hand guard. there should be 2 philips head screws as seen in the picture remove them and put them in a safe secure place 

once this is done pull gently on the hand guard until the hand guard separates from the reciever    

Step 6: Modifying the Hop-up Part 1

since i have already done this to my gun i will be using a extra hop-up that i had lying around and a green LED of the same size as the ultraviolet one i have however removed the barrel from the hop up this is not necessary and not recommended for you.

lets get to business then.
first plug in both the drill and the hot glue gun the hot  glue gun will warm up while you are working on drilling the hole
now secure the hop up in the vice with the feed side to the right  of you and the piston side up (see picture as this can be confusing)
and begin drilling the hole EXTREMELY CAREFULLY (patience is key) 

Step 7: Adding the LED

once you have finished drilling your hole clean it out as best you can after that take the LED and fit it in the hole so that a BB can roll through the feed tube unhindered once this has been achieved carefully hot glue the LED into place   

Step 8: Add the Wire Switch and Battery

this is the easy part now that the hot glue is dry. solder a red wire to the longest pin on the LED this is the positive wire
then solder a black wire to the shorter pin on the LED this one is negative wire. 
once that is done put the hop-up back in the gun and reassemble it making sure to thread the wires so that they will end up on the outside of the gun so that the battery and switch can be attached 

Step 9: Putting It All Back Together and Testing It Out

once the switch and battery are connected to the wires press the switch and make sure the light comes on it should be visible from the mag well after that tape the battery and switch to the body of the gun and having loaded your magazine withe tracer BBs go test it out in a darkly lit environment.   
have fun
 thank you,



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    nice job. I own three airsoft guns, a jg m4, aftermath m4, and a ak47 cqb. i might try this and add these to my guns.

    2 replies

    also, does it actually work?

    it certinaly works i would post a video but the bbs move too fast and my camera is not the best at taking videos. to reassure you thought if you follow all the steps it will definently work with very satisfying results

    thank you for your comments,

    Wow, this is an awesome idea- too bad my gun has to use heavier bbs than the glow in the dark!

    2 replies

    thank you for the comment i can also sympathize with your situation many of my guns are also too powerful for this mod

    You should see my gas pistol shoot glow in the dark! They go in spirals in the general direction you aim at! It's just too bad they don't make glow in the dark .25! I'd be soo happy, I could have my M4 blasting out tracers! Actually, you know what would be a good idea? You could get an infrared sensor that could detect the BBs. Using an ATtiny 85, it would turn the light on for every 5 bbs that went through. Then you would have a tracer round every 5 bbs or so! Lolz, thanks for the instructable! I'm voting it a winner :P