Airsoft Trap 223 Lol





Introduction: Airsoft Trap 223 Lol

the random titles are so i can find my instructables later on

Step 1:

get all these things a mousetrap, tape, rubberband, a stick that's split in half, and a cap to a pill bottle

Step 2:

take the stick, rubber band, cap and put them together like this

Step 3:

now take the part we built earlier and add it to the mouse trap like this and your done just fill with bbs oh and rig the trap part so the part the step on is larger like this and your done :) NOTE: there is a tiny problem you have to lift the black part (spray painted cardboard) a little bit so yea also its extremely sensitive i went to my kitchen to get a drink the tiny carpet wave my foot made set it of but very effective i learned the hard way also the cone thing is the grenade i made earlier

Step 4:

add tape to back so it doesn't close all the way



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    also put tape on the back so it doesn't go all the way forward

    this is sensitive so its very ineffective a wasp could set it off but it was night time and i used my light to light up my place