Airsoft War-how to Survive the Fight





Introduction: Airsoft War-how to Survive the Fight

a how-to guide on airsoft. made for beginner airsofters and veteran experts.

Step 1: Appearance

this is here you get to play dress up. it sounds really girly, but it is mainly for intimidation.(it would scare you to death if you saw a guy fully decked out in a S.W.A.T. team uniform bust through your window. you may see veterans at a local field wearing full range ghille suits and combat vests. it all depends on your surroundings. for in-door battles, you don't need camoflauge. something black like a hoodie with goggles, a vest and knee and elbowpads would be perfect. for a home made vest, take an old, black or dark green backpack and cut out all the attatchments-like the waterbottle holder and other pouches. then, stitch or hot glue them to your hoodie-make sure its old so the at your house gets mad, and ta-da! your home made vest. I used the back pack material because it's loud so i know when i'm shot. for a wooded enviroment wear a camoflauge jacket and pants. to go the extra mile, use a ghille suit-i made another instructable on airsoft sniping, check it out to make a homemade ghille suit. on to part 2...

Step 2: Weapons and Gear

okay, now that thats done with you can work on buying a gun.
you need a

Primary(rifle or automatic AEG)
your main weapon. try to find the FPS(feet per second) over 250 is what you want. 400 is pushing it unless it's a sniper.

Secondary(pistol or mini automatic)
use as a last resort. it must be ready for action at all times, loaded and reliable. 250-300 FPS is what you want to look for.

there are homemade tools you can make for this catagory(i'll make another instructable soon) airsoft grenades, smoke grenades, landmines, trip wires, are all optional. check your field for rules and regulations.

Step 3: Survival

game day. outdoors. your base and the enemy's base. how to you take the objective? think odds and percents. the game starts and you run to a bunker. you should make this move 100% of the time. the game goes on and soon you are alone, but you see the enemy. they're out of range and you need to get in. you have a 40 60 chance of getting behind cover close enough without being seen or shot. before you decide, ask yourself, how can i improve these odds? you could find another team member, sneak around the side and flank them, or a number of other creative ways. lets pretend you were discovered and got chased into the woods. your chances of living are low, again. find a way to increase your odds. make a make-shift bunker by taking weeds and banches and stacking them up by a tree or bush. remember, once you have been shot, you can no longer help your team. take cover, hide, stick with a pro,and make good tactical decisions and you will rule the field.

Step 4: Rooms

okay, your at an indoor field with many rooms. how do you clear one out? talk with your team members and make a 4 man team. then when you approach the door, line up 2 people against each side of the wall. if the room has a door, wait for the teams okay before opening. if not, wait for the okay then rush in guns ready. for a diversion, throw a smoke grenade in, then rush in. think of the room as a square. there are 4 corners. each man rushes to his corner shooting. you must have full attention of your team while planning this assault. when you go in go as fast as you can to your corner and stay put while shooting at the enemy inside. when everyone is dead yell-clear! your team should reply-clear! then move on to the next room. if the room has a balcony, the men going to the far corners should run up the balcony shooting, and take those corners. agin yell-clear! when you are done. if possible to take a room by 2 entries take it. your team splits up into 2 man groups and 1 team by each door. then 1 team goes in first then the other. the 2nd team should listen for sound then rush in. remember when you do this you must be as fast as possible. dodge bb's to get to your corner. that corner is your safe haven if everything goes according to plan. if not, you might be able to take the enemy on your own, but its a very risky move. 10-90 odds you will live without ant of your team's support.

Step 5: Last Notes

follow these instructions and you will be the king of the field. if you want to be a airsoft sniper or engineer, i already have a page on airsoft sniping on this site. as for an engineer, i will post one soon. make sure you practice shooting while moving, crouching, laying prone, and other shooting positions. set up targets and have at it. smoke grenades can be made with ping pong balls, or the cheap ones at the store. i have another page on grenades coming soon.



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    I actually have a great pistol that was made by them. It is like 350 fps. It is a SPRING pistol!

    miami, crosman is not bad one little bit!!!

    First off, don't use .12's. Bad idea. And Crosman is terrible, LPEGs (low priced electric guns) are garbage for Airsoft Games. Good for backyard. An homemade vest? HA! Good luck getting laid on, but hey whatever floats your boat. Also, for you people trying to get into airsoft, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT get a sniper rifle for your first airsoft gun. It's not like Call of Duty. You should get a good priced AEG (Automatic Electric Gun). If you still feel like you should be a sniper, go on semi automatic. See how well you do with that. If you do great, go ahead. But I'm just saying I've seen way to many people say they want to snipe like on Call of Duty. NO. But the main thing about Airsoft is having fun. And remember kids... Make sure to call your hits and be safe! :)

    When my friends and I play the average gun between all of us shoots at about 500 fps. The most is my friend's 1911 at 750 on the first shot (his dad is a cop). It's much more intense.

    I got an idea if u lay low in a thicket of shrubs with a teamate till the enemy walks bye. After which you get out and open fire on them from the rear makes you a pussy

    i'm the guy that when u can't see me is whe im the most dangerous.. everybody fears a sniper.. and its the funest job in a airsoft war. on my team there a 2 sipers me being one of them. i use a guhlie suit for camo ad wrap my gun in it.

    where do u play cause i want to play airsoft with u i have never played with houses but ive been playin it for 4 years now. I have this awsome sniper 420+ fps with a really nice scope.