Airsoft Grenade





Introduction: Airsoft Grenade

im going to tell u how to make a airsoft grenade out of stuff in your house

Step 1:

next put a hole in the bottom of the egg

Step 2:

make sure the hole is big enough to put a fire craker wike thru

Step 3:

put the fire craker thru the hole

Step 4:

fill the egg up with bbs almost to the top

Step 5:

put 2 3in. pices of making tape together

Step 6:

put the peices of tape on the top of the egg

Step 7:

this is what it should look like when your done



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    Nice but you might want to cut a grid patern inside the egg, if u don't the pieces of plastic might cause harm to people

    u should put what u will need for the first step

    looks coolits a weapon of destruction almost

    i need some of these, but i need a place to get alot, any recomedations (i live in northern cali)

    2 replies

    u could always get them at phantom

    phantom fireworks is the best and try putting one under a flag so when the enemy picks it up...... ka-boom

    so many comments

    if u look downu will see a video from utube that a person made take a look its pretty powerful

    I love the shrapnel idea if only we could combine it with one of the other ideas i saw it would be the best ever(or at least it will make them duck and cover Me: "Get down or else youll get hurt" Friend:Never!!!!! throw it hit him go bang i win :>

    put tape around the plastic part so theres no shrapnel

    I made one like this before and my friend used it on my and the plasticc from the shell shaterd and cut my leg

    Awesome this is btter than other easter egg nades because bbs will penetrate the masking tape better than plasstic

    Thats looks amazing!! Congrats on the tutorial loads of people are gonna love this!

    it wasnt ment to be used on a field none of the homade grenads are this was made for yard play and how am i spamming

    well theres ten more of these instructabels an these are dangeros the bb mite brake am become sharp