Picture of non pyrotechnic airsoft landmine
this airsoft landmine is powered by rubberbands and has a 15 foot blast radius!!!! it is triggered by a tripwire and is small, compact, and east to set up and load. it has 3 modes, longrage and sparce, shortrange and thick or you can use them both together. this is my first instructable, but i dont care how you comment. have fun and if you have any mods please please post!!!!!!!!
also, i am not liable for anything stupid u do with this so use with caution and always use eye protection!!!

Step 1: Build the base

Picture of build the base
Copy of Copy of 100_0843.JPG
Copy of 100_0844.JPG
Build the base of the mine as shown
4 red connecters
4 yellow rods
1 red rod
four purple and blue combo connectors
4 white rods
4 green rods
i white connector
4 green connectors
order of pics
1 side view
2 top view
3 angled view
4 next step
My grenade is something like this but it is portable check it out.

An Villain6 years ago
i have set so many landmines up in the hallway/bathroom/sisters room/whole house that the people at my house open the doors really slowly and stare at the floor a lot more
The land-mine is huge. If I saw that I would just pick it up and throw it at someone.
your dumb if you pick it up it will fire at you
dude, come on ur not just gonna set this thing in an open field!! do u have a brain!! what u do is spray paint it and maybe hide it and cover up the base with leaves or something. and besides, picking it up and throwing it would cause it to defuse, and the bb's hitting you. that is why it is a good desighn, cuz if someone cuts the tripwire thinking theyre smart, it will still go off
lulz, absolutely visious, nothing to do about this thing without making yourself a siting egg
haha lmfao, i probly would to.
snipefast176 years ago
ur a genius!!!!
daelans6 years ago
sorry man. rated 4.5 by accident. ment 5. works like a charm. escept i cant shoot the bbs yet causem straws not wide enough. but i sot the little blue round things and its perfect.
daelans6 years ago
my mine is beastly. i figured, "why the close quarters?" im thinking "if im in a halway why not shoot really hard, itl just bounce off the wall right?" so i take f the funnel and put on 15 barrels. i take of the red connector and put on a blue thing like your blue and purple but blue and blue.
daelans6 years ago
i got a question. well more then one. first, can you make a movie cause i dont get some of the parts, like the funnel. also would it work the same witha shorter rod in the center (so its height is smaller and thus less visible) and what if i use the white rods instead of blue onthe straws also idk some of the stuff above the white piece in the center.
i dont get this at all too confusing..where exactly do u put the pin that sets it off?
stick the yaller knex rod into one of the straws that is horizontal.
Sun Gear6 years ago
and i just realized that you misspelled "long range".
sorry man but as i said this was my first instructable. i had a hard time getting the pics uploaded and just had to do with what i had cuase it said it had a "corrupted file" and in response to ur privius Q, this mine uses both, the long and sparce is used with the straws and the short and thick is the funnel. oh and ty for commenting and let me know how this works for u in a game P.s. i also have some wicked sweet airsoft nades, coming to an instructable soon!!!
you can edit it to.
srry man but i actually uploaded these pics about 6 months ago and just got on to make my instructable about my new nade (uploaded now!!!!) and realized i had these pics on but had already deleted them from my camera and tore apart the mine sooooo...... sorry man maybe someday ill get around to it. oh yea and if u got any ideas or somthin u need me to test along the lines of airsoft post on my orangeboard.
ok. knhat you men. i got..........3-5 instructables that i want to post but i still havent gotten a round to it.
hurry up an post
i actually didnt use it mainly because nobody has come to my airsoft feild yet i dont have any straws but i was able to test the cone part and it looks pretty good. the use of semitropical force was quit a good idea.
Sun Gear6 years ago
i was able to finisf it and it looks pretty good. how do you use the longrage and sparce, shortrange and thick modes id also suggest including the explanation on how to use the longrage and sparce, shortrange and thickin modes in the last step.
Sun Gear6 years ago
i'd suggest making the steps better i'm having a hard time under standing this. step 1 is ok. i'd suggest taking the land mine apart into sections then taking pictures of each section then showing how to put them togather. your explanations need work to.