The Guide to Airsoft





Introduction: The Guide to Airsoft

here's a complete beginners guide to airsofting. this will help you decide what guns to get, what body armor to wear, and weather you should cheat or not.

Step 1: Step 1

first, you need to get some equipment. you can get the safety glasses at your local sporting goods store, or at goes for the gun). allot of people say that it's good to wear body armor, that is something you should decide by weather you can take getting shot with an airsoftgun at point blank range or not. another thing you should think about while deciding, is the power of the guns yourre going to be using (anything above 315fps would sting like hell for most people). i'd suggest going in a t-shirt and levi's cause if you wear something that completley blocks the impact of the shot, you're pretty much taking out half the fun.

face masks are another thing you should consider, they completely protect the face and ears. protecting your eyes is mandatory and protecting your face is not, but after you get shot in the face once you won't want to experience it again.

Step 2:

iv already talked about the body armor and where to get it but now it's time for the guns. the picture at the bottom is a perfect example of two types of side-arms. the walther(bottom left) is an accurate gun with a medium firing rate. some models(like mine) also come with an extra bb compartment in the back of the clip. the glock (upper right) is a gun with an automatic firing rate that has bad accuracy. i don't think there are any full auto models that have a two-compartment clip, but it already has a decent capacity of 30-50 bb's (depending on the model). those are just two examples of side-arms, there are many more models but those are pretty much the main categories.

those models are either electric or gas powered (green gas or CO2). spring guns can have a different clip size, accuracy, and velocity, but they all have the same firing rate.

Step 3: Step 3

now it's time to pick your primary gun. there are many categories of primary guns: AEG's, shotguns, rifles, machine pistols, switchables. ETC....... AEG's are mostly assault rifles and they're automatic, and have decent accuracy and ammo capacity. Shotguns have a low ammo capacity, a scattered accuracy, and fire several bb's in one shot. rifles have a low ammo capacity but high and distant accuracy. machine pistols have a bad accuracy and a high ammo capacity. with switchables (DROZD), you get the best of both worlds. they can switch from a rifle to an assault rifle and to a pistol. if you have one of those, you probably won't even need a sidearm.

recommended guns

AEG's - Aftermath makes some of the most durable and powerful AEG's.

Shotguns - crosman makes allot of nice Shotguns, especially the stingers.

Rifles - TSD makes allot of good rifles, and many of them come with scopes.

Machine Pistols - i don't know many brands who make machine pistols, but umarex makes a good T-11

switchables - the DROZD is an airsoft gun that goes from a pistol to an SMG and to a rifle (if you add the stock and extended barrel). the DROZD also comes in a bb gun version>

Step 4: Step 2

after you got the equipment, and you have chosen your body armor it's time to practice(i wouldn't recommend going into a shootout with no experience). get some empty cans and set them on a box, then just start shooting. first start at a distance of 10 feet, then 15, 20, and so on. another thing to practice is reloading. if a spring pistol is one of your guns, then practice putting the clip into the gun then cocking the slide. if your using an AEG or CO2 gun, then just practice putting in clip. when you're comfortable with you're shooting skills you should find an opponent(s) and have a shoot out. do it in an area where you can't hit someone who isn't in the game.

Step 5: Step 5

the one thing that you shouldn't do is cheat. the whole point of airsofting is to have fun, it it just ruins the whole game for everyone. oh, and camping is considered a cheat. for those people who don't know what that is, camping is when you hide behind something and wait for someone to walk by, then you shoot them.

Step 6: Extra Equipment

clips - having more than one clip will give you a big advantage. the less time it takes you to load the gun, the better. having more then one clip isn't the only thing you can do to make reloading faster, you can also get high capacity clips, get speed loaders, and practice reloading the gun.

laser and scopes - having those types of things on your gun will give you an advantage. a laser will work well for both pistols and rifles. if you have a laser on your gun you won't have to use the sights to aim, the gun will hit wherever the dot is. scopes will work great with rifles, but not so well with pistols. if your gonna put a scope on your gun, make sure it can shoot at a distance. scopes are made for hitting targets that are far away and if your gun can't shoot far, then the scope is pointless.

backup guns - it's always good to carry small guns as backup (if your side arm runs out or jams). small guns are baby glocks ppk's short barrel revolvers etc.

Step 7: Safety

1. never point an airsoftgun at your face weather it's loaded or not, because a bb can get lodged in the barrel and cause the gun to fire.

2. never fire an airsoftgun in the air because when the bb falls back down, it can take someones eye out.

3. when loading in a CO2 cartridge, keep your fingers and face away from the nozzle, because escaping gas is cold enough to cause frostbite.

4. never heat a CO2 cartridge over 120F.

5. don't aim at anything you don't intend to shoot.



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    Hello. I am from india. I would like to get a good airsoft pistol, a low cost one will do for now. Since i am new to airsoft. I looked for some good looking ones on ebay, but i cant ship them to india. Even the low power ones are not available for shipping into india. Where else can i get one in south india.

    hey does anyone know any good airsoft sites because ive been airsofting for a while now with a team but need more guns. if anyone knows any sites please tell me

    1 reply

    Try Airsoft GI, Evike, or Airsplat.
    If you just need parts or other non gun accessories, lots of HK and other asian retailers have wide variety of good cheap stuff and cheap shipping, though you can expect shipping to take lots of time.
    Ebairsoft, ehobbyasia, rsov.

    im pretty sure a 800 fps vsr10 is too powerful

    yes thay can be. heres what i believe the limit should be:

    any type of handgun -320fps

    AEG -380

    Sniper -550 fps with a minimum engaugement distance of 100 feet.

    And fps doesn't equal range.

    What do U think about the desert eagle pistol

    Well, camping isn't cheating, otherwise all snipers are cheating, r u talking backyard or actuall airsoft that counts for something, where you will be thrown out for cheating not just half ignored

    9 replies

    i didnt mean sniping, i meant camping as in hiding behind an obstacle and w8ing for someone to come by then shoot them. 

    thats not cheating its call LIFE

    Then you suck at life.

    Camping without a sniper rifle is just lame. You must REALLY suck at airsoft if that is the only way you can play.

    Airsoft is a game of tactical simulation. Camping is a natural form of combat, it is what's called an ambush. If you prefer running and gunning then you should possibly switch to paintball although i highly doubt that would turn out better. Surely you understand that COD is not an accurate representation of reality?

    ... its a f***ing game IF YOU DONT LIKE the WAYS some PEOPLE PLAY then DONT PLAY WITH THEM

    sry i meant to say "it is done in real life" not it is dont

    im with you i dont like it but it is dont in real life and its not cheating so just be careful where you go and if you get hit its your own damn fault

    All of this information would be of wealth to only those miscreants who give airsoft a bad name. All the guns you listed are of somewhat bad quality compared to brands such as KWA, Classic Army, or Toyko Marui. If you're serious about airsoft, or would like to become so, please read another guide from a reputable source.

    2 replies

    yeah, but theres still no reason to be mean about it, i just got the 702s revolver from tokyo marui, and its the most reliable and powerful side arm i have ever seen (even though i use it as a primary)

    TM guns arent very powerful anyways. also, fps doesn't equal range.