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here's a complete beginners guide to airsofting. this will help you decide what guns to get, what body armor to wear, and weather you should cheat or not.

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first, you need to get some equipment. you can get the safety glasses at your local sporting goods store, or at www.airgundepot.com.(same goes for the gun). allot of people say that it's good to wear body armor, that is something you should decide by weather you can take getting shot with an airsoftgun at point blank range or not. another thing you should think about while deciding, is the power of the guns yourre going to be using (anything above 315fps would sting like hell for most people). i'd suggest going in a t-shirt and levi's cause if you wear something that completley blocks the impact of the shot, you're pretty much taking out half the fun.

face masks are another thing you should consider, they completely protect the face and ears. protecting your eyes is mandatory and protecting your face is not, but after you get shot in the face once you won't want to experience it again.
jaga06927 months ago
Hello. I am from india. I would like to get a good airsoft pistol, a low cost one will do for now. Since i am new to airsoft. I looked for some good looking ones on ebay, but i cant ship them to india. Even the low power ones are not available for shipping into india. Where else can i get one in south india.
killer pyro4 years ago
hey does anyone know any good airsoft sites because ive been airsofting for a while now with a team but need more guns. if anyone knows any sites please tell me
Try Airsoft GI, Evike, or Airsplat.
If you just need parts or other non gun accessories, lots of HK and other asian retailers have wide variety of good cheap stuff and cheap shipping, though you can expect shipping to take lots of time.
Ebairsoft, ehobbyasia, rsov.
hhhttt4 years ago
an airsoft gun is never too powerful!
im pretty sure a 800 fps vsr10 is too powerful
yes thay can be. heres what i believe the limit should be:

any type of handgun -320fps

AEG -380

Sniper -550 fps with a minimum engaugement distance of 100 feet.

And fps doesn't equal range.
What do U think about the desert eagle pistol
chardlz135 years ago
Well, camping isn't cheating, otherwise all snipers are cheating, r u talking backyard or actuall airsoft that counts for something, where you will be thrown out for cheating not just half ignored
crack_shot_556 (author)  chardlz135 years ago
i didnt mean sniping, i meant camping as in hiding behind an obstacle and w8ing for someone to come by then shoot them. 
thats not cheating its call LIFE
Then you suck at life.

Camping without a sniper rifle is just lame. You must REALLY suck at airsoft if that is the only way you can play.
Airsoft is a game of tactical simulation. Camping is a natural form of combat, it is what's called an ambush. If you prefer running and gunning then you should possibly switch to paintball although i highly doubt that would turn out better. Surely you understand that COD is not an accurate representation of reality?
yea I totally agree!
... its a f***ing game IF YOU DONT LIKE the WAYS some PEOPLE PLAY then DONT PLAY WITH THEM
I sure won't.

sry i meant to say "it is done in real life" not it is dont
im with you i dont like it but it is dont in real life and its not cheating so just be careful where you go and if you get hit its your own damn fault
Sagaritu4 years ago
All of this information would be of wealth to only those miscreants who give airsoft a bad name. All the guns you listed are of somewhat bad quality compared to brands such as KWA, Classic Army, or Toyko Marui. If you're serious about airsoft, or would like to become so, please read another guide from a reputable source.
yeah, but theres still no reason to be mean about it, i just got the 702s revolver from tokyo marui, and its the most reliable and powerful side arm i have ever seen (even though i use it as a primary)
TM guns arent very powerful anyways. also, fps doesn't equal range.
Very true Mattonater. TM guns outrange most stock guns.
I am sorry if I came off as being mean. All I am doing is giving you and/or other people new to the sport some good starting information Airsoft is an expensive sport. You get your money's worth on these cheap replicas sold at various sporting goods stores.

On a side note, Tokyo Marui does not produce a 702s revolver. You have either been lied to or misinformed by whatever company you purchased the replica from, most likely Airsplat, or another dealer of that nature. I suggest not buying from companies as such, because they tend to lie about the products they sell and do not offer vey good customer support.
oops, yeah i messed up, it just says TM WE on it its actually made by KJW i think.
but its still an awsome gun
Sgt Niesen4 years ago
you train by going in with out experience
airsofter14 years ago
You just stated that a spring gun has the same firing rate as an electric or gas pistol.
Is this a good gun?


Or is it too much? How much do you guys spend on a gun?
saxman315 years ago
i agree aftermath is not the best brand if you are serious a bought airsoft you should by from a bbrand like syma, classic army, and tokyomarui. those are just a few. my main gun is a syma tommy gun and my side arm is a classic army dessert eagle auto pistol 
Really, Cyma really???? That is not good quality at all, I will agree with TM but CA newer guns (within the past 3 years) are not worth it. The only Guns I will ever buy are (In order)
TM (if I have to the internals are mostly plastic but they last forever.)
have you ever had a cyma. i have a cyma thompson chicago style ive had the thing for 4 years and it still works like the day it came out of the box. my friend has a classic army proline g3a2 and my cyma is as good and has lasted just as long. you can think what you want but im happy with my cyma and as long as it gets the job done i have no complaints. plus the most i have ever spent in parts for it is a bought 37 dollars and that was on a stick mag from tm.
Actually, I have owned a few Cymas its not that all cymas are bad, of course most of them (more than 50%) are good other wise they would'nt stay in business. I agree that Cyma is good, but internally it is lacking in most guns. Though most of the guns are good you have a higher chance of getting a 'lemon' or broken gun due to manufacturer defects etc.
007dna5 years ago
I camp! I am a sniper! I mean, you never see a sniper in the open! Or what about ambushing people! That is a tactic.....

1. AfterMath sucks, they have a low build quality and their power fluctuates so much they have almost a 50 fps range. 

2. Crosman is not worth jacks**t there guns break so easily, my first and last crosman was a pistol, I opened up the box and it was already broken the trigger sear had snapped in the box.

3. If your ever going to consider being a sniper TSD and UTG are the worst ways to go. Rule of thumb with airsoft, the more crap it comes with(lasers, flashlights, red dots,etc.) The lower quality the gun. 

Just trying to be helpful, and remember higher fps is not always better.
the walther rocks P.S. i have the same loading mech
snook1235 years ago
multiple clips are necessity
chardlz135 years ago
wow, look at that you finally gave some useful info
chardlz135 years ago
I have a main gun as my side arm lolz, m5k is beatly side arm.  also crack shot crosman is not the first company that comes to mind when I think GOOD SHOTGUN.
chardlz135 years ago
No offense intended, but from any distance over 10 ft. 315 FPS from a pistol isn't much, try getting shot with a 475FPS sniper and tell me about pain.  Also GBB means Gas Blow Back as in it is semi or full (in some cases) and you need to buy c02, green gas, or use a propane adaptor
ak-47 Mine is a sniper and an assualt rifle.
where do you get those?
ebay, airsoft dealers
crack_shot_556 you do not know what you are talking about. a gbb means gas blow back a reffers to any gas airsoft gun that uses the gas to fire the gun, and reload the next shot. if you knew SH********T about airsoft you would know that. Also because a gun uses c02 doesn't mean its good, it probably sucks, depending on the company that made it, and the price($). I bet your guns probably suck hairy A********HOLE.
wrong person lol
gangang5 years ago
are those gbb?
crack_shot_556 (author)  gangang5 years ago
what do you mean by "gbb"?
aseaheru5 years ago
g36c rock!
g36d to!
g36c+drum mag=win!
Izokay6 years ago
If you want to be taken seriously as an airsoft player, you should never wear a shirt and jeans. Buy actual camo, otherwise you'll be called a noob.
crack_shot_556 (author)  Izokay6 years ago
true, but you don't really need camo unless it's a serious game. you won't need camo if it's a backyard game but it's different if the game is held in an airsoft arena.
shot7896 years ago
The first pic: is that a colt 1911 if so nice i have one too
nerfer1926 years ago
also for aegs: jing gong
toogers6 years ago
i have the same walther p99 springer as you, but i made an awesome silencer.
crack_shot_556 (author)  toogers6 years ago
i made a silencer too, i used a spray painted PVC pipe and a copper pipe with a rubber ring inside the tip.
crack_shot_556 (author) 6 years ago
i made a couple changes to the guide (i explained the camping thing and added a new section) but i didn't change the clip thing because everyone should still get what it is.
stealthy2126 years ago
screw airsofting try pellet guns like the new ruger airhawk 1000fps and with fbs ammo its 1200fps and the crossman semi auto pistol
crack_shot_556 (author)  stealthy2126 years ago
their fun but you can't safely shoot people with them.
Pellet rifles are fun, but if you shoot your friend with one you could very well critically injure/possibly kill him. With airsoft guns the most you get is a welt.
tomman6 years ago
could your main gun a side gun
well it could but you would get a big disadvantage.
crack_shot_556 (author)  ~Aeronous~6 years ago
not always, if you practice reloading quickly and you have good aim then you can beat someone who has an AEG or CO2 gun.
littlemog926 years ago
I didnt hear about Types of games, the hate for backyard airsoft, I didnt hear about GBB and NBB and what were you afraid to talk about springers?

Indeed for games like speedball woodsball just plain backyard airsoft it is fine to wear t shirt and jeans type thing. But for serious Milsim and just serious games you should have some kind of BDU. Even if its terrorist BDU (be creative).

Good work on the dafety gogles but you forgot about ear protection.
this guide needs a lot of work overall Its missing a lot.

Also the terminology hurts my soul and makes me wanna headbut a kitten. littlemog inhales deeply* OK ITS A MAG (magazine)! a clip is exactly what you think of a clip being like something to hold a bag of chips shut or to hold someones hair exept with an ammunition clip...IT HOLDS BULLETS!! K

chopstx6 years ago
this isnt complete. you didn't say what camping is. 1 star