very simple airsoft barrel cleaner

Step 1: Get a Q Tip

get a q tip and load it in the barrel load it from the front Shoot the q tip out and thats all
this is really a noneffective way to clean an Airsoft gun. Get a gun cleaner like Rem Oil, and clean the barrel using patches that way, not with this method.
i have a 325fps crossman stinger p311
lol i have the same gun. it sucks balls!
It's the best gun I have!
comared to my new sig sauer p226 it does suck
That is a sig sauer P226.
no, i have that gun and i checked, its acally a sig sauer p228
no it is a sig sauer p226 you @@@@@
very good heres a cookie "gives avwos a cookie"
I like cookies :) If i roll over can i have a muffin??
maybe a muffin laced with crack. xD<br />
nice pic of angry kid lol
I hope you realize that I can only afford <em>some</em> things... if it's over $25 USD, I'm screwed.<br/>
than you must only have walmart guns.
it exploaded on me
i have same one u can adjust power wit da little black ting ( GOES THROUGH CARDBOARD)
with what black thing?
the rectangular thingy in the pic
That thing just allows it to be field stripped. I used to have a Beretta M92FS that could field strip like the real thing. Very useful for clearing up jams.
That has nothing to do with the power,its a slide release pin. try pulling that thing out and sliding the the slide foreward
above the trigger
can it jam the gun
nope only if you like cram it in through the mag
got the same gun its great
why would you wanna clean a BB gun anyways they dont get dirty
I was being dumb and shot an apple point blank apple sauce in the barrel
the gun in the pictures yeah it exploaded just to say

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