Picture of alcohol lamp on a shoe string budget
After building the Simple Adjustable Glass Bottle Cutter


I needed to heat the bottles along the score line to get a proper break. Many people suggested using a candle to heat the bottle, the problem was it left soot along the score and didn't seem to have enough heat. When I was a kid my crazy uncle taught me to carve wax figurines for crating pewter molds. He used a denatured alcohol lamp to heat the tools. It was clean and produced a hot flame.

He made his first few, but bought them in the end, but why buy one when you have all the stuff laying around the house.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Materials needed

A baby food jar (glass with metal lid)
shoe string (cotton)
Awl or punch
Block of wood
saturno.limao11 months ago

I want to make an alcohol lamp for light. Because I find it more confortable.
But quickly the alcohol heats and vaporizes. And then fire gets too big and so on.
Maybe would work just by a reduced hole/wick ?
plus I intend it to be long time lit without checking it s safety.

Marvellous! Small, cheap, durable, and easily adaptable for a WTCHTF (when the crap hits the fan) kit, or a grab-and-go kit. Wonderfully done! Props!
shannonlove2 years ago
Back in the day,prior to WWII, there were "shop candles" and "shop lamps". Both had extra long wicks to produce a larger and hotter flame for use in the shop, e.g. melting small amounts of sealing wax for gaskets or very fine pre-electric soldering irons.

I don't think they've outlived their usefulness in the era or electric irons and gas torches.

Just yesterday I cut up rather a lot of ballistic nylon and started singeing the edges with my small butane touch. After just a few inches, I had burned through a couple of dollars of butane. My cheapskate gene kicked in so I drug out one of our emergency light candles and used that so singe the nylon. It worked better than the torch.

I was just thinking, "I seem to need a small controlled flame rather a lot. I need a shop candle or lamp." And this morning, here I find this post.