alien sculpt a cool figure that is easy to make. all you need is clay and tools. if you don't know what alien/xenomorphx it is a monster that has a thing called a face huger so it jumps on your face an lays eggs in your chest and a baby alien comes out of your chest and grows into a monster with acid for blood and  a inner mouth.

Step 1:

Step 2: Mitearials

Step 19:

Step 26:

I'm a huge Alien fanboy and great job on the sculpt, but I would say pull back a bit on the photos so they will be better focused. They're quite blurry.<br><br>Also, maybe giving some written information on whats going on in each photo would help, that way everyone can try to recreate what you have here.<br><br>Great job and keep the instructables coming! (Maybe a facehugger next? :D)

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Bio: Hi I'm Wyatt I love making films and special fx oh and usually monsters
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