sorry the order is mested up and i cant fix it

There is a lot but i have only shown like 3 or so
(all besides the last i dont have any more)
Some i do not have pics but if i counted all of them up i would have 10

Now for the guns in the slideshow
1 and 2. My Sr-v1.1
3. Sr-v1.2
4. Sr-v1.3
5.Sr-v1.3 mini
6. Sr-v1.3 different add ons
7 and 8.no name1
9.no name2
10.My Sr-v2
11.My Sr-v2 mech(i is modded)
(no name's mean i didn't think of a name when i had them)

Ones not shown in the slideshow (no pics of them)
sr-v1 replica( pretty close to it besides color)
m16 sniper( i took an m16 i made a sniper using some of the parts and no name1's mech)
no name3 (it was my sr-v2 with Katarukito mech)

any questions feel free to ask
make an instructable for the Sr-v1.3 mini <br> :) please if you could cause i want a mini knex sling shot sniper gun thing and this is my favorite and strongest looking gun ive seen <br> <br>
im very sorry dude but it was a very long time ago and i don't have it.<br>its the same mech as the sr-v1 but just different stock and barrel. your going to have to build some from the pic but its not to hard
thanks though. did you make an instructable on the sr-vi gun or no???????
on pic 6 is that a NERF scope?
i got board one day and yes yes it is
you mean BORED not BOARD learn when to use the right one <br>and what NERF gun is it from because it looks pretty cool
That was due to my lack ability to spell not grammar, Its from the longshot
it's nothing to do with spelling and most people i know find it difficult to spell BOARD <br>and, is the longshot good?
does it matter, i was not writing a formal letter. Its a really good Nerf gun, just stock its not much better than a recon. but when modified even shooting stock darts it is a good close range weapon.
k thanks, i'll consider getting it sometime soon
Whats soh slingshot about it?
Jeez, drop a cuple off of a table and they'd break into like a million pieces
not realy but yes so were breakable <br />mine now are so much stronger and better<br />
some of them look really breakable.

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