PRANK_all the Classics- (and Some New Ones)


Introduction: PRANK_all the Classics- (and Some New Ones)

alrighty ready to kick it old school with some classic "penny pranks"

Step 1: Homemade-

alright these next couple you will make yourself.....

Step 2: The Water Balloon Bust!

easy as cake get your self a big ol' water balloon and perch atop a cracked door in the night time make sure its right over the handle and then wait for the fun to begin. its a classic

Step 3: Ol Spray House

This is a trick you can pull with the sprayers that are on sinks on pull-out hoses. Put a rubber band around the lever so that it's stuck in the "on" position. Aim it towards where you're standing, to where you want it to hit the victim.

Step 4: The Popped Tire

get a water balloon and fill it with air not water and tape it under a right side tire. wedge it in good but carefully! so when they back out they get quite a surprise. and if your lucky they'll run over the balloon remains and they'll be wondering all day!

Step 5: Unrippable Toilet Paper

now get a roll of the white stuff and start unrolling like 3 feet and start putting dabs of super glue all over and roll it up quickly and carefully leave about 4 inches of teaser paper on the end to mess with them.

Step 6: The Buy Some Props Pranks.

alright get your pocketbook were going to the store!

Step 7: Of Course Diet Coke and Mentos

get you a mentos dill a small hole in the middle and run some dental floss through the middle. now get a 3/4 full 2 liter of diet coke and hold the string over the top and then screw the cap on. clip the extra string and put it away carefully! wait for someone to get thirsty.....

Step 8: Bloody Eye

get a fake blood capsule. then get a fork and a friend. now tell your friend you can balance a fork on your eye and then proceed to bust capsule in hand at due time far a funny reaction.

Step 9: Split Pants

Place an object on the floor where you know someone will bend over to pick it up. This could be an important looking paper, a purse, etc. get nearby with some cloth that tears easily with a noisy rip. You can also use a strip of velcro to create the sound.. Just wait until the mark bends over to pick up the object. the timing is critical.

Step 10: Happy New Year!

Fill some disposable cups about halfway with confetti (or paper, or whatever.) Turn off the ceiling fan. Gently lay the cups (on their sides) on top of each of the fan blades. Tape them in place. Wait for someone to turn on the fan!

Step 11: Car Trouble

under the car apply a zip tie around the drive shaft. This is harmless but will produce a constant ticking sound from underneath the car.

Step 12: Final Step

try not to get caught!

hope you enjoyed my instructable! now go prank someone



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    you would get in sooooooooooooooooooooooo much trouble unless you were good friends

    1 reply

    you put them on top of the blades

    whats sneezing powder is that pepper?

    baking soda+crushed pepper.

     break an egg partially add sneezing powder and.....BLAMO  sneezing powder granades

    You want it to fall in a light mist, grenades don't have enough upward spray.

     OK so arasol cans

    No, you want it to fall off the celing fan in a light mist so fill backwards cups with them.

    Glitter would be funny. 

    heres one that will get your ass kicked if you try  it at the wrong place at the wrong time like a BAR on a drunk guy or chick.

    You Need a Pencil, Quarter, and Paper

    Make up a story . like You can tell the future on what they will be doing 10 mins from now etc..

    Draw a big Circle on the Paper . Big enough so they can get the quarter to drop inside it.

    Now Have them roll the quarter down there Nose using there two Fingers till it gets to the tip of the nose then let them drop it some where the center of the circle.

    When the quarter drops. Use the Pencil to draw around the Quarter where it droped.  (Make sure you leave ALOT of Pencil LED on the outside of the QUARTER. so it will leave a nice ugly LINE on there nose or where ever the Quarter is rolled on the face.

    Let them do it from the nose 3-5 times then if you realy want them looking bad have them roll the quarter from the bottom of there EYE to there Chin and drop it to the circle.

    The last time my Brother tried this at a bar. He almost got his ass kicked.
     From a Big Ass Chick.
    She was pissed.

    So this is your WARNING.
    Dont Do it at a BAR with DRUNK People
    At least make sure they are smaller than you and you have back up.

    This could work great if you super glue a quarter to the ground

    3 replies

    Use the super strong cement glue that come in 2 containers and glue it at a busy place like the post office. 

    Talking about some good times watching people trying over and over again (Even better are the begger's that try) but they are the ones that usaly get the quarter.

     i remember doing that in 5th grade. looooong time ago

    if someone super glued a quarter to the ground id pull out my multi tool and grab it with the pliers LOL!

    Good job, now I ant to make a prank instructable like that.

    if someone super glued a quarter to the ground id pull out my multi tool and grab it with the pliers LOL!

    Try the ole mouse trap under the toilet seat trick