Step 1: Get your mail

No doubt when you get your mail you will get some junk mail with prepaid envelopes to return that look like this.

Step 2: Get yourself a box

Now you need a box which u should have laying around and you should fill it with your trash. Try not to exceed 50 pounds as that is around the mail weight limit. If your out of trash try adding some bricks or if your on your death bed and feeling crazy u can fill it full of different white substances like sugar, flour, talcum powder, and whatever else you want.

Warning: If your not going to die very soon be warned you will probably go to jail. I am not recommending you do this in any case however as i also do not wish to go to jail.

Step 3: Tape your mail envelope on

Picture of Tape your mail envelope on
Now you just tape on your junk mail.

Step 4: Drop off your mail.

Now just drop off your mail and enjoy your momentary satisfaction!
sry one mans trash is another man garbage
another mans trash is guess what..................................................??? give up yet another mans garbadge
When I was younger we used to add "dirty" pictures to the prepaid envelopes and send them back to the companies. I am now a grown up so I just switch one companies junk with another and send them back, either way I like making these guys pay the postage.
Lol that's funny...
john126926 years ago
were you talking about the white stuff or this in general?
urbanhg7 years ago
have you tried this because it seems like a wonderful idea!