For all of you who hate those pre-approved credit card offers and junk mail you can have revenge and get rid of your trash for the few drops of gas it takes to stop at your post office when you go to town.

Step 1: Get Your Mail

No doubt when you get your mail you will get some junk mail with prepaid envelopes to return that look like this.
sry one mans trash is another man garbage
another mans trash is guess what..................................................??? give up yet another mans garbadge
When I was younger we used to add "dirty" pictures to the prepaid envelopes and send them back to the companies. I am now a grown up so I just switch one companies junk with another and send them back, either way I like making these guys pay the postage.
Lol that's funny...
were you talking about the white stuff or this in general?
have you tried this because it seems like a wonderful idea!

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