Here are some shelves my husband built that helped give us some very good storage space. They are simple to make and can be made with few tools. Follow through and I will show you how to make them.



    We live in a small house built in the late 40's and there is no storage to speak of. It has been frustrating for me because I am a neat freak. I like a place for everything and everything in its place. I hate dust and find myself dusting everything that is out in the open. I recently asked my husband if he would help me make shelves in the hall closet, so I could reduce the clean-up time on the house.

    I just hated the shelves in the hall. It was a dust magnet. I am always working on crafts & sewing and have to do them in the dinning room. Walking side-ways to go into the kitchen when my ironing board was set up was a pain. Tripping over the vacuum was always a problem.


    I decided that I had waited long enough on things I wanted to accomplish on the remodeling, so I actually went on strike. Things got very messy and dusty around here and it finally got to him. When are you going to clean the house? My answer was when it would get easier to clean. I have to admit it was one of the hardest things for me to do. I hate dirt! So I had accomplished my goal. Now I have his attention! So we had decided to use the hall closet for shelves instead of a coat closet. He began drawing up the plans and made a supply list.

    Shelves are the solution to the space problem!

    <p>how did you get the holes in the board? I don't have any tools to make them so I was wondering what your husband used to make them.</p>
    <p>I had to laugh because your comment made me realize why this project did not get featured. We used a drill. LOL.</p>
    <p>We used a power drill and screws. That is why I titled this instructable almost tool-less. But you might contact Home-depot and ask them how much they might charge you to make holes in your boards, I am pretty sure they would do that for you as long as it is not a huge project at least that is what my store told me. </p>
    <p>Awesome Instructions! I have always been trying to get around the small closet, no shelving problem without messing up the wall by drilling. I am going to try this today. One question: do you drill upright boards into the wall at all or does the pressure just hold them up?</p>
    Love, love, love these shelves. Perfect solution to a messy problem!
    Thank you! They have been a dream!

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