The inspiration behind this instructable ( BUILDING SHELVES ) came when my husband asked me " Why do you make those Instructables?
  • My answer:
  • Instructables solves marital disagreements. (I'll explain  this part last.)
  • Instructables proves points. (I'll explain  this part last.)
  • Instructables solves space problems. ( The 2ND. purpose of this instructable.)
  • Instructables saves money. ( I do less shopping) I won a shirt a few months back.
  • Instructables are entertaining. ( Keeps me home to cook. )
  • Instructables are educational. ( Teaches you how to tape and mud, something he  would like to learn.)
  • Instructables gives away a lot of  expensive prizes like cameras  ( I need a better camera for my instructables. )  
  • IPAD ( He needs a new PC, he complains about his all the time! ) 
  • SEWING MACHINES! Oh how I covet that Singer sewing machine that was a prize several months back!
  • I love instructables. ( Fills my emotional needs.)
  • Instructables makes me happy. ( If mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy!" )
  • Instructables keeps me out of trouble. ( Most of the time. )
  • I enjoy making and creating things. ( I would rather make an instructable than eat bon bons and watch TV. )  (Makes me fat. )
  • I enjoy letting the world see my creations. ( Requires less of his time listening to me talk about what I am doing that does not interest him. )

Seriously, if you look at my pictures you can see how frustrating it is to not have enough storage.  What I mean by tool-less is that a person can build a set of shelves without actually owning or buying the tools to build them with, as long as it is a very simple project.  They use the resources available through the home improvement center for cutting the boards or through a very good relative or friend that owns tools.   



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GreenM24 months ago

Awesome Instructions! I have always been trying to get around the small closet, no shelving problem without messing up the wall by drilling. I am going to try this today. One question: do you drill upright boards into the wall at all or does the pressure just hold them up?

pecospearl4 years ago
Love, love, love these shelves. Perfect solution to a messy problem!
sunshiine (author)  pecospearl4 years ago
Thank you! They have been a dream!