Picture of alpine butterfly knot
how to do a alpine butterfly knot
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Step 1: Start make a bight (loop)

Picture of start make a bight (loop)
put the  end of the roop over the top of the length (rest of it)

Step 2: Twist

Picture of twist
make three sections to the rope by twisting it

Step 3: Tie

Picture of tie
bring the top loop under the last loop and then through tthe middile this might take a few goes

Step 4: Finished !!!!!!!!!!!

Picture of finished !!!!!!!!!!!
there we go alpine butteryfly knot so get tying
B2BSurvivor3 years ago
Nice !! Uses???
love2make (author)  B2BSurvivor3 years ago
its good for when u need a loop in the middle of a rope it also doesn't slip under pressure or weight so its used a lot in climbing