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Iceispower7 months ago
This is a great knot, but I feel you should cite the original article that you got it from. This website:
has been available since 2004 and shows how to tie this knot (which the author claims is his invention), and called the Ian knot (or the fastest way to tie shoelaces). You should always cite your sources. Otherwise you could be accused of plagiarism.
MisterTea4 years ago
Out of courtesy to the site, shouldn't you cite them, and provide a sourcelink?
Lady_S5 years ago
We called this the kindergarten bow; it's a winner for teaching small children.
ewfw6 years ago
Nice, I already tie my hiking shoes with steps one through five. Six through ten is a good ending, thanks.
Obsessive6 years ago
Oh, alright. Well nice instructable. I usually don't tie my shoes due to the fact that I use the bar method, so unfortunately I can't use it. ;-)
what do you have skate shoes? it's like freaking impossible to skate with barred shoes, so you could possibly be a poser.. anyway, barred isn't the best. It's bad for your ankles
magicollie (author) 6 years ago
because i got permission fromthe site and these are the best images you can get.
Obsessive6 years ago
But why would you make an instructable with images taken from another source showing you how? You're just reposting his steps really. I'm at a loss of comprehension here.
menace6 years ago
This is an alternative? I don't know any other way to tie my shoes that this. This is what i've grown up with.
Gnome6 years ago
I've been using this knot (the Ian knot) for about a year now and it's really fast!
dunnos6 years ago
dude that is the ian knot i was about to do an instructable about 13 different ways bummer i deleted my pics XD
lawizeg6 years ago
Noone saw MY instructables on this??
lawizeg lawizeg6 years ago
nice one.
janestevens6 years ago
cool instruction,you got my vote!
magicollie (author) 6 years ago
yes,i got the images from a old friend as i said before called ian fieggens with his pemition.
Awesome! The images are great-- did you make them?
looks to me like he got them from
magicollie (author) 6 years ago
thanks man,if you enjoyed it please vote for me!
Dapallox16 years ago
This is wonderful, I'm going to start tying my shoes this way, it is a much stronger knot for me.
Jrabbit056 years ago
This is cool! I'll go get my shoes and try it XD
magicollie (author) 6 years ago
no ,i got it from an old friend,please vote for me!

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