I've been working on this for awhile and this contest is perfect timing for me to show it off.  This is a coil gun put in to an Altoids (technically two) containers.
All you need is:
disposable camera
magnet wire
2 Altoids tins
2 push buttons (1 has to be rated for at lease 3 Amps)

Now unfortunately I do not have picture of me making the above coil gun; but i did make a quick example circuit to show the step by step process.

Step 1: Inside of the Camera

Take the camera out of its plastic container. you can remove the extra metal wings ( they where mechanical contacts) we don't need them anymore). You should also remove the flash (unless you want it to flash as you fire the coil). Last remove the capacitor; you might want to note which side is negative on the PCB. 

Step 2: Charging Button

Extend the button out.
Please note that as this is for demonstration purposes you may want to extend yours further.

Step 3:

Now you can throw out the capacitor; use more capacitors for a stronger magnetic field. Just remember to keep the capacitors in parallel; you also have to keep all additional capacitors at 330 volt and as photo-flash capacitors; you can have varying farads.

Step 4: The LED

Now its time to pull out the LED; take your time in desodering, and remember the position of the leads.

Step 5: The Fire Button

Now take you firing and connect one end to the positive side of the resistor

Step 6: Coil

Next use that pen tube and start to wrap with the magnet wire; I suggest using a 20-22 AWG and making at least 3 wraps.
remember the neater the coil and the more wraps you have equal a stranger magnetic field.

Step 7: Final Connection

Now connect one end of the coil to the capacitor and the other to the button

Step 8: Closing Remarks

I am surprised at how may people think I can kill with this; my capacitor bank totals 480uF and my coil is warped 5 times to fitt my alltoid form factor. My estimation is that you need at least 1000uF and 15 wraps on the coil. I shoot my coil at people and they don't even realize it it's so week; just don't point in at  an eye.

Also remember to scale everything you see in the pictures up; and that you can use any farad of capacitor as long  as it is rated and 330 Volts and for photo-flash.
<p>Cool!</p><p>Great Job <a href="/member/sunal135/" rel="nofollow" title="view sunal135's profile">sunal135</a></p>
Could I use a huge can capacitor? 100K uF at 600VDC
You can use more capacitance; but the shutoff point of the circuit is 300V. It is not piratical to use a 600v capacitor because it will never charge mare than 300V.
How the heck does this shoot anything? How does it work?
when electricity is travels through the coil it generates a magnetic field; that magnetic field propels the metal projectile.
Great job
bam pop bing nice work.
Nice, but, this is similar to the coilgun by 115494...except you threw it in an altoids tin and he did not.
I didn't realize there was another coil gun in the competition till after i enter; I've been slowly toying with this for the last few week's trying to get the smallest button i can for the fire button. Thanks though, I have a ting for putting thins in Altoids tins.
Tinkering with Altoid Cans = Awesome
Great Job!

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