Altoids Carrying Case for Match Rockets





Introduction: Altoids Carrying Case for Match Rockets

WARNING:I am in no way responcible for anything you do! I was bored and thought and thought till I came up with this. Are you tired of carrying matches that might break in your pocket or aluminum foil poking you in the leg. Well I got the solution.

Step 1: Supplies

The supplies you need are:
Altoids tin (round or rectangular it shouldn't matter)
aluminum foil

Step 2: The Second Step (DUH)

Put any number of mathes in the tin by the top length wise.

Step 3: The Third Step (again DUH)

Then fold the aluminumfoil till it fits in the tin snugly.

Step 4: The Fourth Step (for the Last Time DUH)

Then put the lighter on top of the alumin foil and your done!!!

Please feel free to modify it any way you want or tell me what I should add in there, Then ill add it to the directions!!!



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    You do know that you need pins to create exaust ports on the rocket, right?

    its to make the body if the rocket

    can you please teach me how to make the match gun. I've been looking all over to know how to make one

    her go into the search bar on instructables and type in match gun and itll pop up....... this site is how i founf out how to make them so.....

    Oh gosh now all i need is a Altoids Tin.

    awsome i love it but add paperclips you can bend them into stands. i fit both the feild guide to soldering and this it 1 tin so i can do both! +1!!!

    no, i was just browsing this site and i checked it out

    i used to make match launchers, but they would ignite when launched... you need strike anywhere matches, and you put it in head first. when the metal spring hits it, it ignites the match

    cool! this could be useful, you should post how to make the match gun! unless there is already one... if so where could i find it?

    1 reply

    thank you. I like to play with matches so I made this.

    I really doesn't matter if something is lame it matters if someone takes the time out of there life to try to perfect something for others and not just them self.