Altoids Clock





Introduction: Altoids Clock

A new mod for an old favorite.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You'll need a(n);
cheapo clock,
battery for clock,
Altoids Sours tin,Awl,
and packing cardboard(
the thin stuff)
for a spacer.

Step 2: Make Room for Clock

Eat all the Altoids and use the
awl to punch a hole towards the
bottom of the O (in the center).

Step 3: Make the Spacers

Cut two pieces out of the piece of card board and put them on the bottom of the tin.

Step 4: Put in the Clock

Put in the clock.(duh)
Then trim the hands of the clock so they are about;
1" for the second hand,3/4"for the minute hand and 5/8"
for the hour hand.

Step 5: Batteries

You get the idea.
Now for a vid.



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    i have never see a round one olny rectangluar ones

    hey i loved the clock im gonna make a project for school just like itwish me luck!!!!!!!!!

    will a watch work i dont have a cheap clock...

    No. Get a clock kit @ walmart, hobby lobby, etc. They're about $12 or less.

    that is a very large waste of money, if you go to walmart. They have clocks you can disassemble for 4$. You also get to keep the plastic lens cover thing, and the body. I was bored just a few hours ago, bought one, reversed it and made a new clock face.

    Find a garage sale. I dont think i've ever been to a garage sale that didn't have a cheapo clock.

    what an exciting video lol i geuss there was not much else to video

    haha, thats what I was thinking

    Here's one I did. I drilled small holes in the 3, 6, 9, and 12 spots and wired in 4 blue leds with resistors on all 4 powered by 3 small 1.5 v watch batteries run in series, and added 2 magnets to the back. I think it turned out kinda cool but completely unpractical with the leds. If I make another one I think I will get some glow in the dark florescent green paint and paint the hands and some paper to put behind maybe all the hour marks.Ill post it if and when I get it done.